Hà Nội schools work to ensure academic honesty during online exams

November 03, 2021 - 18:40

Ensuring academic honest is a priority for primary and secondary schools in Hà Nội as they prepare for next weeks online midterm exams. 


Primary and secondary schools are preparing for mid-term exams, which take place next week. Academic honesty is a pressing concern for teachers and parents. VNA/VNS Photo

HÀ NỘI – Ensuring academic honest is a priority for primary and secondary schools in Hà Nội as they prepare for next weeks online midterm exams. 

Many schools around the country will hold midterm exams online, due to the complicated nature of the COVID-19 pandemic. They have perfected the system of assessment using digital platforms and trained teachers and students to ensure the best possible performance while ensuring a serious and fair test.

Principal of Hoàng Mai Secondary School, Chu Thị Xuân Hường, in Hoàng Mai District, said teachers were asked to conduct lesson reviews as well as provide instruction for testing three weeks ago.

“Teachers in specialised groups must ensure the tests follow the guidance of the city’s Department of Education and Training and the Division of Education and Training of Hòang Mai District. The tests will include knowledge from the curriculum but should not be too challenging, as students have suffered many disadvantages with online learning,” she said.

Hường said although students experienced online tests at the end of the previous school year, they are still required to do practice tests to make sure they do it right, without wasting time because of technical problems, especially sixth graders.

The school has scheduled detailed testing on subjects for each grade and informed students and parents. Multiple-choice tests will be held during the day, and essays on Mathematics and Literature will be held in the evening.

Students must be present 15 minutes before the exam starts. They will have five extra minutes to take photos of their work and send them to the system after the exam finishes.

“The scores of the midterm papers will be multiplied twice before being added to the final overall score of the first term, so it is really important. I believe careful preparation will help a lot,” she added.

At Thanh Xuân Trung Primary School in Thanh Xuân District, teachers did not conduct practice tests for students, but teachers have helped students review lessons carefully.

Phạm Thị Hệ Ngân, a teacher at the school, said the requirements for equipment, exam scheduling and methodology have been given to parents to ensure close coordination between the family and the school.

Head of Ba Đình District’s Division of Education and Training, Lê Đức Thuận, said the division has made sure schools have their own plans for mid-term tests for students.

“Because students of grades one and two have limited skills in information and technology, they still need the support of parents when studying and doing homework. We ask schools to consider appropriate testing forms and report to the department for approval,” he said.

Academic honesty

Ensuring academic honesty is important when it comes to online testing.

Lê Trung Kiên, a parent from Hoàng Mai District, said the scores will be part of students applications to higher education. If schools do not implement academic honesty it will affect the fairness of student applications.

Thuận, Head of Ba Đình District’s Division of Education and Training agreed, saying that preventing academic dishonesty was a concern held by both teachers and parents. 

He said schools need to develop online testing plans with different regulations. Each class will be divided into groups of 20-25 students doing the test, with the supervision of at least three teachers.

Students must turn on cameras and microphones when doing the test. Two devices with cameras will be required: one for testing and one for recording and monitoring, he said.

Many schools have applied these regulations.

Principal Hường said the surveillance cameras must show the student so that the teacher can observe the whole testing progress.

The multiple-choice questions will be mixed randomly to ensure that each student has their own tests.

“Schools not only teach knowledge for students but also integrity and honesty. Students must be honest to become good citizens in the future, and parents should encourage and motivate their children to follow regulations,” she said. – VNS