Book to be released to help people understand Trump

February, 27/2019 - 05:00

On the threshold of the second Trump - Kim historic conference held in Hà Nội, the Việt Nam Asia - Pacific Economic Centre (VAPEC) in collaboration with Omega Books Company introduced the publication Understanding Trump.

Understanding Trump by Newt Gingrich will be released to celebrate the Trump-Kim summit in Hà Nội. — Photo
Viet Nam News

HÀ NỘI — On the threshold of the second Trump-Kim summit in Hà Nội, the Việt Nam Asia-Pacific Economic Centre (VAPEC) in collaboration with Omega Books Company is launching a book titled Understanding Trump.

Written by Newt Gingrich, the book offers a useful outlook and references about the current US president.

Nguyễn Cảnh Bình, vice president of VAPEC, claimed that Trump and Trumpism showed great changes in the culture and mode of action in the American politics.

"Instead of fighting against or panning him, we should probably try to understand what did and will happen in the US and so we can better adjust for our future," Bình said.

This year, VAPEC plans to publish high quality and in-depth publications that discuss important issues in the Asia-Pacific region, and Understanding Trump is one of them.

The book gathered the analysis of Newt Gingrich - president of the US House of Representatives from 1995 to 1999, who was also a candidate to run as the Republican Party’s representative in the US presidential election in 2012.

For many years, with his experience and knowledge, Gingrich has tried to analyse and explain the true nature of President Trump’s controversial policies; his work is one of the most complete explanations of Trump.

The book is divided into three chapters discovering Trump’s personality and career.

The author implies Trump is an entrepreneur, not an academic. An academic values process; Trump values results.

Trump is a builder, not a financier. Gingrich contrasts financiers, who stay in air-conditioned offices and play with computer models and spread sheets, with builders, who get their hands dirty on job sites.

Trump is a father. We all loved the Kennedys because there were so many of them and they blended into a team. So do the Trumps. Donald Trump has built an empire, but he has first raised a family. And, as Gingrich says, that’s more important.

Trump, Gingrich says, is the first person to be elected president without some public office or military rank in his background. And, he predicts, “Trump may become one of our greatest presidents.”

Professor Augustine Hà Tôn Vinh, a member of the Republic Party for over 30 years who was involved in the presidential election campaigns for Ronald Reagan and George Bush, said it was a good time to launch the book.

“Not only Vietnamese people but also the world are concerned about the Trump-Kim summit in Hà Nội,” said Vinh.

“We are all looking for a good result from the summit. If it’s successful, President Trump and Chairman Kim Jong Un will receive the Nobel Peace Prize.”

The publication will be released soon with 5,000 copies. — VNS