Transport ministry speeds up digital transformation

May 04, 2022 - 10:50

Minister of Transport Nguyễn Văn Thể spoke to Vietnam News Agency about the sectors' digital transformation efforts to fulfil tasks set for this year.


Vehicles go through electronic toll collection gates along the Hà Nội-Hải Phòng Expressway. The Ministry of Transport has sped up digital transformation to create more convenience for people in using transportation services. — VNA/VNS Photo

Minister of Transport Nguyễn Văn Thể spoke to Vietnam News Agency about the sectors' digital transformation efforts to fulfil tasks set for this year.

Could you talk about the implementation of digital transformation in the transport sector in 2022?

In order to fulfil tasks set for 2022, the Ministry of Transport has asked its agencies and units to consider the building of e-Government and digital transformation as one of key missions that needed to be prioritised to form data for management and administrative reform.

On the basis of the Government's directions, the ministry required them to be more proactive in implementing assigned tasks, particularly in preparing investment capital, and gradually keep updating new guidelines from the Government and the ministry to have timely adjustments to meet progress and quality requirements.

They were also instructed to actively implement information technology projects of which investment have already been approved and appraise available infrastructure conditions and databases to identify implementation plans in line with the e-Government structure and e-Government plan building. 

What are the advantages in implementing digital transformation in the transport sector?

The transport sector has applied information technology in all of its activities over many years and gained positive achievements.

The digital transformation process has inherited and upheld these achievements. However, digital transformation is an issue of changing from traditional management awareness and methods to the comprehensive application of digital technology. Digital transformation is a process, not simply a destination.

Digital transformation must be carried out gradually from awareness to action and must be implemented regularly and continuously in all activities relating to policy building, management and operation. It must be carried out synchronously on a large scale - across the whole society. The implementation of digital transformation in the transport sector will be executed from State management agencies and businesses providing transport and logistics services to users of transport services. 

For example, in the building of policies relating to administrative reform, units like the Vietnam Register and the Vietnam Maritime Administration have replaced all paper documents by e-paper ones, bringing in much convenience while saving a lot of costs for businesses.

Another example is in the field of road management. The Vietnam Road Management has developed a process to manage operation of transport businesses by applying information technology, helping to detect their violations transparently and automatically, thus contributing to improving management efficiency in transport and traffic safety.

That is digital transformation in managing transportation activities, which does not only digitalise and computerise the management process but completely changes management method by applying technology.

In the future, the ministry will continue strongly reforming State management towards digital transformation practically and effectively. Digital transformation will become a continuous and daily consciousness in all activities of the ministry.

The Ministry of Transport signed a cooperation programme with the Ministry of Information and Communications about digital transformation. What is the ministry's orientation in digital transformation in the future?

The two ministries signed a programme to coordinate in digital transformation for the transport sector during the 2021-25 period last October. This is an important step, demonstrating the ministry's determination to implement digital transformation for the transport sector in line with the plan of carrying out digital transformation at State agencies.

The coordination between the two ministries proved the strong commitment of leaders of the two sectors in digital transformation on the basis of promoting the role, strengths and available resources of each ministry.

Coordination contents include building and creating legal foundation for the implementation of activities towards mastering technology and developing digital platforms and digital infrastructure in line with the Government direction about building e-Government and digital economy in order to strongly boost digital transformation in all management activities.

Digital transformation of the Ministry of Transport consists of five key orientations.

Firstly, raising awareness of digital transformation within the ministry. Digital transformation is not an independent activity but is closely connected with management activities of the ministry.

Secondly, building mechanisms to prevent "legal and policy loopholes" in new business models.

Thirdly, developing e-Government towards building a full, accurate and updated database, focusing on building systems to serve people and businesses and reduce costs in carrying out administrative procedures.

Fourthly, developing smart transport systems, helping Việt Nam to get access and keep up with countries with developed transport systems. Digital technology is considered the key to modernise the transport sector.

Fifthly, developing the digital economy towards applying technology, bringing modern transport services to every citizen and reducing transportation and logistics costs for businesses.

With these orientations, the ministry will complete a basic transport database this year. Data in the fields of maritime and road transport and register are ready for administrative management and received support from both citizens and businesses.

Investment in digital transformation of the transport sector will not only mobilised from the State budget but also from business and people. The ministry always welcomes businesses to propose cooperation solutions in digital transformation and technology application in the field of transportation. — VNS