New Initiatives Launched at Electronics Industry Day to Attract Talent to Job Opportunities in the Sector

January 27, 2021 - 09:17
New Initiatives Launched at Electronics Industry Day to Attract Talent to Job Opportunities in the Sector

SINGAPORE - Media OutReach - 27 January2021 - Singapore Semiconductor Industry Association (SSIA)is partnering JTC and e2i, electronics companies, academia, to launch a seriesof new initiatives to attract and retain talent, as well as make theelectronics sector an attractive environment to work in. Even as manysectors scaled back in 2020, the electronics and semiconductor industry remainsresilient. It continues to create good job opportunities and offer a variety ofroles to shape the future of technology.

Guest-of-Honour, Mr Alvin Tan, Minister of State for Trade & Industry and Culture, Community & Youth, delivering his speech during the Electronics Industry Day 2021

1.         There arecurrently more than 2,800 jobs and training opportunities for the sector,spanning the value chain from technical and innovation engineers, to processand operations roles, and global supply chain roles. Companies in the industry arecontinuing to hire aggressively into 2021, fueled by the acceleration ofdigitisation, disruptive new technologies, and cutting-edge devices fromsmartphones and wearable devices to driverless cars, which have semiconductorsat their core. 

New initiatives to support talent attraction efforts for theElectronics sector


2.         To grow a sustained talent pipeline for the electronics andsemiconductor sector, SSIA will be championing a Semiconductor CommunicationCampaign with Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB) to raise the awarenessof the semiconductor industry among the students, sharing about  key industry trends and profile stories. Therewill be a job portal that provides the latest update and vacancies of the electronicsand semiconductor industry.

3.         The campaign willkick-off at the launch of the second edition of Electronics Industry Day from27 January to 28 February 2021. Organised by SSIA with support from JTC ande2i, the Electronics Industry Day is a flagship event that brings electronicscompanies and IHLs' students together on one platform. Held virtually thisyear, it consists of various activities including a career fair, plant tours,exhibitions by over 30 companies, and industry talks, allowing over 2,000students and job seekers to learn more about the exciting career and internshipopportunities available.


4.         Mr Andrew Chong, SSIA Chairman, said,"SSIA has launched different initiatives since mid last year to supportcompanies on their hiring needs. They include the new semiconductor job portal,career fairs supported by e2i, school career talks, and the ongoingProfessional Conversion Programme. The latest Semiconductor CommunicationCampaign aims to highlightthe critical role that chips play at the technology forefront, showcaseexciting developments, and profile young people in the sector. These storiescreate excitement about the sector on social media and make students aware ofopportunities available in the semiconductor industry. We will continue to workwith our partners in developing the talent pool for our industry."


Enhancing thevibrancy of Wafer Fab Parks to create an attractive work environment forbusinesses and workers


5.         Besides supporting the industry ontalent attraction efforts, JTC is working closely with partners and businessesto enhance the physical infrastructure for the electronics sector. JTC unveiled a 5-Year Estate Enhancement Planduring the inaugural Electronics Industry Day in 2019 to make Wafer Fab Parksmore vibrant and conduciveenvironment for talent and companies.


6.         Aseries of physical enhancements will be rolled out across Wafer Fab Parks progressively from 2021 to 2025.


a.   TheWafer Fab Parks will take on a new identity with rebrandedsignages by mid this year. It will feature wafer and integrated circuit designsto bring out the unique identity of the estate as an attractive workdestination for the sector.


b.   Newcovered walkways and cycling paths for Pasir Ris and Tampines Wafer Fab Parks will be ready by 2023 to improveaccessibility and connectivity within the estates, and to nearby amenities andtransport nodes


c.    Inline with our City in Nature effort, JTC has collaborated with the National Parks Board(NParks) to refresh the roads andpedestrian walkways with enhanced greenery in phases by 2023. The first phase of roadside streetscape enhancementin Pasir Ris WaferFab Park is ongoing and willcomplete by end this year.


7.         Mr Cheong Wee Lee, Director, Biomedical& Electronics Cluster, JTC, said, "The Electronics sector continues to seepositive growth and good job opportunities even in the midst of the pandemic.The second edition of Electronics Industry Day has seen increased company andstudent participation. This is a great time for job seekers to interactdirectly with companies and learn how you can shape the future through newtechnologies. The transformation of industrial estates like JTC's Wafer FabParks with more greenery and cycling paths will also be an added advantage increating a more attractive work environment."


8.         As the electronics sector has presenteda bright spot, with active recruitment and promising possibilities, many individualshave found working in the electronics sector as their dream jobs in the midstof a pandemic.


9.         "With the pace oftechnological advancement the way it is, I can look forward to participating inexciting projects with global impact, like 5G. It will be a proud moment when Iown a smartphone or tablet that contains a chip that I worked on," said Oi SokYee, who have joined MediaTek Singapore as an engineer since June 2020.


10.       As a mentor to theyounger engineers at Xilinx, 39-year-old Lim Siok Wei, an Integrated CircuitDesign Manager, said IC Design is an ideal career for those who are interestedin learning new things and do not want to do the same thing every day. Her keyrole includes making the "black chip" inside TVs and phones that areprogrammable. She and her team have won two Ross Freeman awards for their workon the class-leading SerDes, an integrated circuit that transmit data at highspeeds. "The industry is fast-moving and as technology evolves, chips getsmaller. Every day, you try to improve on, or change something, and that makesour work exciting and challenging," she added.


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