Bread Garden Unveils Chinese New Year Goodies Collection 2021 with Launch of New Website

January 07, 2021 - 07:51
Bread Garden Unveils Chinese New Year Goodies Collection 2021 with Launch of New Website

SINGAPORE - MediaOutReach -7 January 2021 - BreadGardenhas unveiled its collection of CNYgoodiesfor 2021, featuring both classic tastes and new flavour innovations, togetherwith the launch of its newly revamped website, offering new and existingcustomers an enhanced and more intuitive buying experience to order Chinese NewYear treats from the comfort and safety of their own homes.

Even as Singapore enters Phase 3 of reopening fromthe pandemic, large-scale physical events remain unattainable, which meansmembers of the public looking to buy snacks and treats for the upcoming Chinese New Year festive season will most likelyorder them online.

Bread Garden, an established Halal bakery withmultiple outlets across Singapore, is making sure that customers can buy theirdesired CNY goodies without hassle or inconvenience, by launching its revampedwebsite on an entirely new ecommerce platform designed to handle the higherthan usual traffic and demand spikes.

A recognised name among lovers of CNY snacks andtreats, Bread Garden has been delighting Singaporeans and fans overseas withits high quality bakery products for almost 40 years.

Using only the freshest premium ingredients, eachpiece is lovingly handmade and baked to perfection, for the ultimate indulgencein flavourful smell and savoury taste that have since come to define BreadGarden's festive offerings.


Signature CNY goodies, classics and new flavourtwists

Traditions are an important part of Chinese NewYear festivities, and this extends to food that we indulge in as well.

Bread Garden's collection of CNY goodies for 2021is a balanced palette of perennial best sellers, old-school tastes as well asnew, innovative sensations that cater to a diversity of taste preferences.

All-time favourites such as pineappletart,macadamia buttery cookies and spicy shrimp rolls continue to be in hot demandyear after year whenever Chinese New Year draws near.

There are also the established classics namely kuehbangkitand almondcookiesthat a CNY celebration just cannot do without.

As today's consumers get exposed to more new foodflavours in their everyday consumption, bakeries have been quick to hop ontotrends and experiment with new, interesting tastes that appeal to a youngergeneration of Chinese New Year snack buyers.

As like previous years, Bread Garden isintroducing new flavours this CNY 2021, such as the Mala Lotus, which puts aspicy twist to an already popular snack, and Brownie Almond Cookies, whichcombines the uplifting flavour of almond with a rich chocolatey taste.

A gift of prosperity for cherished ones

An anchor fixture in Bread Garden's yearlycollection of Chinese Year Goodies, is the Prosperity Gift Set, consisting of ahandpicked selection of six most recommended flavours, symbolising blessings inthe six aspects of a life filled with abundance.


These six CNY treats are individually housed inexquisitely designed metal cases, before being placed into a luxurious boxadorned with golden floral prints, for a complete set that makes it the perfectgift to family and friends this Chinese New Year.

Exclusive early bird special for CNY goodies

To reward customers who buy early, Bread Garden isoffering a "Buy 4 Get 1 Free" promotion from now till 15th January 2021, wherethe lowest priced item out of every five is given as complimentary.


The full range of Bread Garden's Chinese New Yeargoodies for 2021 are now available for purchase on its website at

About Bread Garden

Bread Garden is a Singapore halal certifiedbakery brand known for its popular festive goodies for Chinese New Year andMooncake Festival, as well as its selection of flavourful customised cakes andpastries.

Rated five stars consistently by customers onsocial media, Bread Garden stands out from other bakeries with its emphasis onquality over quantity, dedicating itself to produce only the best quality bakedproducts that its customers have come to expect and love.

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