NEFIN in Partnership with Hong Kong Baptist Theological Seminary (HKBTS) Embrace Carbon Neutrality for a Green Campus

January 05, 2021 - 08:35
NEFIN in Partnership with Hong Kong Baptist Theological Seminary (HKBTS) Embrace Carbon Neutrality for a Green Campus

316 Solar Panels Built on 6 Rooftops of HKBTS Campus Buildings


HONGKONG SAR - Media OutReach -5 January 2021 - NEFIN, a leading solardeveloper and investor in carbon neutrality solutions in Asia, is pleased toannounce the implementation of four holistic solar PV systems in the maincampus of Hong Kong Baptist Theological Seminary (HKBTS), one of the establishedseminaries in Hong Kong.  The four solarPV systems cover six rooftops in the campus.

"It is our pleasure and honour to work withHKBTS to transform their extensive building rooftops into highly-effectivesolar energy generating fields. Despite social unrest and the outbreak ofCOVID-19, the project was brought seamlessly to completion.  The NEFIN-HKBTS partnership is exemplary ofthe flexibility, expertise and operational skills of NEFIN as well as the trustthat HKBTS has in us.We are proud to share this piece of positive news to kickoff 2021." said Clara Kwan, COO of NEFIN Group.

The 316 solar PV panels installed can generateapproximately 152,559 kWh annually, offsetting 78 tons CO2 emission per year. Thescale of this installation would be equivalent to planting 1,297 trees for the earth.

"A Green and Glossy Gospel:God's creative love is extended to all God's creations, calling God's followersto bear the responsibilities for nature and to testify to the reconciliationand peace of the universe." commented by President Cho of HKBTS.

"NEFIN has successfullycompleted several projects around Asia in 2020, amidst the challenges of thepandemic. One of the NEFIN's beliefs is that the effort to achieve carbonneutrality should not be halted as a result of current temporary setbacks. Withanother challenging year ahead, enterprises should be prepared for futureclimate challenges, which may be sooner or least expected, like the COVID19pandemic," commented Mr. Glenn Lim, CEO of NEFIN.


Established in 1951, the HKBTS was founded onBaptist heritage. The objective of the Seminary is to cultivate servantleadership in those called by God to serve the churches in face of social andglobal challenges. In addition to the Ministerial Preparation Program andGraduate School, the Seminary offers Distance Education Program, Lay LeadershipTraining Program, Pastoral Continuing Education Program, and Music and ArtEducation Program. For further information, visit

About NEFIN Group

NEFIN Group is a regionalrenowned solar developer with bespoke experience in solar system deployment anda committed partner to organisations that aim to achieve carbon neutrality.Founded by a core management team of DuPont Solar Business, legal experts, andinvestment bankers, NEFIN Group has collectively delivered over 300MW ofutility-scale, commercial, and industrial rooftop solar systems regionally. Thegroup offers consulting services such as due diligence, feasibility studies,and lender-technical advice on top of project development, system design,engineering, and asset management. NEFIN Group also offers flexible financingoptions to partners who opt for zero investment. Please refer to NEFIN'swebsite  for moreinformation.