VinSmart leader reveals the plan on bringing many flagship products to the US

December, 02/2020 - 10:31
VinSmart leader reveals the plan on bringing many flagship products to the US

HANOI, VIETNAM - Media OutReach - 2 December 2020 - VinSmartis planning to bring leading technology products, including the Vsmart Aris Pro-- one of the first mobiles with no-defect screens in the world produced byViet Nam -- to the US market.

VsmartAris is one of the mobile models in VinSmart's plan for export to the US

Twospearheads for VinSmart to enter the US

At arecent discussion session, Ms. Nguyen Thi Hong, General Director of MobileDivision, Vinsmart Research and Manufacture Joint Stock Company, revealed thatin 2021, VinSmart will focus on the US market. According to her, Vietnameseproducts will be introduced to the US by both cooperating with majorinternet providers in the US market and accessing this market throughdistribution channels.

In adetailed discussion on introducing the strategic products to this mosthard-to-please market, Ms. Hong affirmed that VinSmart will bring the mostprestigious and best quality products to the US. The expected productswill be the Vsmart Aris and Vsmart Aris Pro, as well as otherupcoming flagship products.

This is expected by the technology firm because the Vsmart Aris Pro witha camera hidden under the screen which were introduced recently werehighly appreciated by experts and users. Around the world, until now, this isstill a problem for many of the largest technology firms because it is noteasy to overcome the optical barrier.

Accordingto Mr. Nguyen Minh Viet, Director of Mobile Device Research Institute (VinSmart),a camera hidden under the screen can only receive light at 15% incomparison with a common camera. Moreover, placing the camera under a screenlayer can cause optical errors, flash and blur.

VinSmarthas found a solution by combining algorithms, artificial intelligence (AI)models in computer vision, computer photography, and created a technologycalled Vcam Kristal to eliminate the above phenomena; thereby,generating the best image quality.

Therefore,on technology forums, not only in Viet Nam but in many other markets as well,including the US, many users have expressed their excitement to experiencemobile models with perfect screens which are developed by Vietnamese engineers.

5Gdevices to be deployed immediately when Viet Nam has coverage

Revealingmore about the next technology followed by the hidden camera, Mr. Nguyen MinhViet said that VinSmart will continue monitoring CUD technology (camera hiddenunder the screen) and 2nd generation quantum security.

"Wehave some new technologies in our hands, presently. We plan to produce andlaunch some strategic product lines in the third and fourth quarter this year,for example, Qualcomm's new 5G platforms with many other advanced technologiesin terms of sound and image," Mr. Viet said.

Talking aboutthe staff who produce pioneering technologies of VinSmart itself, Mr. Vietsaid that presently this team has 450 members who are capable of autonomouslydeveloping and producing mobiles with the latest technology such as 5G, CUDand security chips. VinSmart's staff has more than 90% Vietnamese members.

Accordingto Mr. Viet, in the future, VinSmart will maintain cooperation programmeswith technology firms such as Qualcomm, Mediatek and Google, and majorcomponent suppliers to support updates to the latest technology forits engineers to satisfy the research and development of new products.

Regarding5G, the most important issue is VinSmart's pathway in developing 5Gdevices.

Answeringthis question, Ms. Nguyen Thi Hong, General Director of Mobile Division,affirms that this division has mastered the technologies, and successfullydeveloped a 5G mobile. Presently, VinSmart is developing and commercialisingaffordable 5G mobile models for the US market because this is the place where5G has become universal.

"InViet Nam, VinSmart will also deploy 5G mobile models as soon as the internetproviders has covered 5G officially," the VinSmart leader said.

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Accordingto the latest data revealed by Market Research Firm GfK, VinSmart is presentlyin the top 3 in the Vietnamese smartphone market. By the end of October 2020,the market share of this Vietnamese phone firm was 15.2%.