Kaohsiung to provide framework of post-pandemic global events

November 05, 2020 - 07:51
Kaohsiung to provide framework of post-pandemic global events

KAOHSIUNG, TAIWAN - Media OutReach - 5 November 2020 -The city of Kaohsiung, in southern Taiwan, will provide framework of globalevents for the post-pandemic era with new ideas and technology to help to shapea future that works for everyone, city officials said on Nov 3.

Kaohsiung Mayor ChenChi-mai offers to share Taiwan's success in the prevention of Covid-19 pandemic

The Kaohsiung Protocol was signed by Kaohsiung Mayor ChenChi-mai and James Rees, President of International Congress and ConventionAssociation (ICCA), via holographic projection on the last day of the 59thICCA Congress held here.

"The key to any successful transformation lies in gainingstrength from different fields of expertise. This is why the meetings industryis significant to us," the mayor said.

"The Congress brings (ICCA) members together so that all thestakeholders in the industry get to connect with each other and share what weknow," he added.

The Kaohsiung Protocol is a framework identifying majortrends and key strategies which enable the international meetings industry tothrive now and into the future.

"As Kaohsiung makes its transformation, it is telling astory of innovation made by the people on this beautiful land. Kaohsiung opensto the new, and is fearless to challenges. With that energy in people's mindsand rich culture in our society, we are creating a city that embracesdiversity," Mayor Chen said.

Over 1,000 ICCA members joined the Congress which opened atthe National Kaohsiung Center for the Arts on Nov 1.

The participants talked about Taiwan's success in curbingCovid-19 coronavirus and discussed global events in the post-pandemic new normal.The Congress has successfully transformed a physical meeting to a hybrid one.