Masan High-Tech Materials to forge a strategic alliance with Mitsubishi Materials: MMC to invest US$90 million for a 10% stake in MHT

October 26, 2020 - 14:56
Masan High-Tech Materials to forge a strategic alliance with Mitsubishi Materials: MMC to invest US$90 million for a 10% stake in MHT

HO CHI MINH CITY, VIET NAM -  Media OutReach 26 October 2020 -  MasanHigh-Tech Materials Corporation ("MHT" or the "Company") signed definitive agreements to establish a strategicalliance in the tungsten industry with Mitsubishi Materials Corporation ("MMC")with the objective of developing a leading, high-tech tungsten materialsplatform.

Modernplant line of Masan High-Tech Materials in Vietnam

Aspart of the strategic alliance, MMC will buy 109,915,542 newly issued ordinaryshares via a private placement for a total cash consideration equivalent toUS$90 million.

MHT's chemical processing plant at Nui Phaopolymetallic mineral mine

Oncompletion of the transaction, MMC will own 10 per cent of the share capital ofthe Company and become the second largest shareholder.

Afterthe transaction is completed, the parties will discuss developing a separatebusiness unit to strengthen and unlock the synergies between their respectivemid-stream tungsten platforms.

Theability to offer cutting edge solutions to customers and the strategicflexibility of being integrated across the value chain is a critical factor indelivering sustainable growth, and will continue to be a critical factor in thetungsten space.

MHTprides itself on delivering constantly improving and innovative productofferings. MHT is one of the only tungsten platforms that benefits fromconsistent supply of primary (concentrates) and secondary raw (recycled)materials that are then further processed into the finest quality oxides,powders, carbides, and chemicals. The success of MHT is underpinned by acombination world-class research and development with dedicated applicationsengineers who have a track record of delivering fine-tuned specifications tomeet end customers' evolving demands.

Post the H.C Starck (HCS) acquisition, a leadingglobal mid-stream tungsten business, in June this year, MMC's participation as a strategic partner isa validation of management's transformationinto a vertically integrated high-tech tungsten platform. MMC will addsignificant value as a strategic partner, and through the partnership theparties will be positioned to develop cutting-edge solutions for end customersthat will accelerate growth, including:

1.    Establishingopportunities for joint collaboration and investment in revolutionary researchand development of key technologies to enhance the parties' respectivehigh-tech tungsten portfolio;

2.    Enhancing theability of both MMC and MHT to provide industry-leading quality and performancein theirhigh-tech tungsten products goingforward; and

3.    Strengthening thesales network in the Asia Pacific, which will broaden the consumption of MHT'sfine powders in the region.

CraigBradshaw, Chief Executive Officer of MHT, said: "I am extremely proud that we are starting to realise our strategicvision. Forging a strategic alliance with MMC will certainly accelerate ourvision to become an end-to-end global high-tech industrial materials platform. Ourcustomers will benefit the most as this partnership will strengthen ourcapabilities to supply quality and innovative products and solutions.

"The alliance also positions MHT andHCS to build a mid-stream tungsten Asian franchise, which is the missing pieceof our strategic puzzle. I am extremely excited and looking forward todeveloping a long-term, win-win partnership with MMC."

MakotoShibata, Director and Chief Financial Officer of MMC, said: "We have set the tungsten business includingthe cemented carbide tool business to be one of the major pillars of our growthstrategy. I am excitedabout the new collaboration which our investment in MHT will create and it willhave a significant impact on our future."

CreditSuisse acted as the exclusive financial advisor to MHT.

Theclosing of the strategic investment is subject inter alia to certain regulatory approvals (including governmentalapprovals in Vietnam) and MHT shareholders' approval.




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Masan High-Tech Materials (MHT) is a subsidiary ofMasan Group. The company, a leading supplier of critical minerals includingtungsten, fluorspar and bismuth, is currently operating a world-classpolymetallic mineral resource and chemical processing plant in northernVietnam. Masan High-Tech Materials is also a leading international supplier ofrefractory technology metals to growth industrial sectors such as electronics,chemicals, automotive, medical technology, aviation and aerospace, energy andenvironmental technology from its own production locations inEurope, America and Asia. Masan High-Tech Materials' vision is to show theworld that a Vietnamese company can lead the transformation of the globaltungsten market.


Mitsubishi Materials Group is an "integratedmaterials manufacturer." Mitsubishi Materials Group meets customers' needsby providing such basic materials as copper and cement. Mitsubishi MaterialsGroup also manufactures and sells mechanical parts, electronic materials andcomponents used in automobiles, home appliances etc., as well as the tools usedto make them. Mitsubishi Materials Group is also involved in recycling and theenergy business.


Mitsubishi Materials Group, under the corporatephilosophy of "For People, Society and the Earth," pursues the visionof "We will become the leading business group committed to creating asustainable world through materials innovation, with the use of our unique anddistinctive technologies, for People, Society and the Earth." Goingforward, Mitsubishi Materials Group will continue to build a richer society bymaking unique materials that meet customers' needs and providing processingsolutions best suited to each customer.


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