Those in Upper Management Are Least Likely to Learn Online; Upskilling Should Be Led from the Top, Says NTUC LearningHub

October 23, 2020 - 07:57
Those in Upper Management Are Least Likely to Learn Online; Upskilling Should Be Led from the Top, Says NTUC LearningHub

SINGAPORE - Media OutReach -23 October 2020 - Out of a majority of Singaporeans who learn online, it has beenuncovered that those who are senior leaders of their organisations are theleast likely to upskill or reskill virtually, compared to individuals indifferent career stages[1].This was one of the key findings in NTUCLearningHub's recent How Singaporeans Learn report.

The survey,which was conducted online in September 2020 with 450 Singaporean Citizens andSingapore Permanent Residents who were users of the LHUB GO online learningplatform, aimed to uncover insights into how Singaporeans learn in the Covid-19era.

Overall, 84%of respondents say they learn online. Out of this population, 'entry-levelexecutives' (37%) made up the largest segment, followed by 'business owners/self-employed' (26%), 'managers' (15%) and 'the unemployed' (10%). Respondents whoidentified themselves as 'assistant director and above' made up the smallestsegment of those who say they learn online (4%).

The reportalso reveals that 'assistant directors and above' prefer a blended learning approachto learning (54%) over in-person (38%) and online (8%) modes of learning. Inaddition, two in three (62%) of them had never signed up for an online learningplatform before the 'circuit breaker' in April 2020.

By contrast, ofthe 'assistant directors and above' who do upskill, most are likely to upskillonce every three months. The top reason for learning online is to 'gain a basicunderstanding on topics they are curious about' (70%) as opposed to otherreasons such as to 'upskill' or 'reskill'. Moreover, the top three topics they learn include'leadership' (54%), 'project management' (54%) and 'design thinking' (46%).

Commenting onthe findings, NTUC LearningHub CEO Kwek Kok Kwong says, "In this new worldorder where new information and technologies are being fielded at anexponential rate, leaders must continue to learn to keep abreast with times. Upskillingshould be led from the top; only then would they have the necessary skillsetsand knowledge to lead their teams in innovation and transformation in a rapidlychanging climate. While in-person learning will always offer greater engagementeffectiveness and networking opportunities, online learning is a greatcomplementary option for busy executives who are trying to juggle work andlife, while learning just in time, just enough, for the immediate future."

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[1] Statistics are breakdown of the 84%of respondents who learn online, split by career stage

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