Best Physics Tuition Centre Looks Towards Digitised Learning

October 26, 2020 - 02:35
Best Physics Tuition Centre Looks Towards Digitised Learning

SINGAPORE - MediaOutReach - 26 October 2020 - Best Physics Tuition Centre is revealingits plans to develop an IT learning platform by tapping on thegovernment-funded Enterprise Development Grant (EDG). This project is inthe works, along with the digitalisation of services to take learning online.


As an education centre, BestPhysics Tuition Centre is focused on providing students with IntegratedProgramme (IP), GCE A level and GCE O level physics tuition. Its founder, Mr Tony Cheewas an ex-MOE school teacher who has bagged several MOE Teaching Awards andearned stellar academic records for his deep knowledge in the Physics syllabus.By opening up this tuition centre, he was able to offer unique programmes tohelp students regain their confidence in the Physics subject and do well intheir national exams.


While Best Physics TuitionCentre is currently holding its group physicstuitionclasses and live streaming lessons to learn from home due to the pandemic, thelearning provider is taking steps to transform its educational deliverymethods. With the EDG support, the grant funds projects that cater tostrengthening business capabilities. This allows Best Physics Tuition Centre towork on an IT learning platform where its students can access learningresources online.


Amid the rapid advancement oftechnology, Best Physics Tuition Centre aims to explore new areas of growth andenhance efficiency in providing the same high-quality education as thetraditional classroom experience. By digitising its services, Best PhysicsTuition Centre gets to keep up with the trend of online learning and providethe added flexibility to students where they can fit their study time aroundother commitments. From watching video lessons to participating in discussions,all done virtually, Best Physics Tuition Centre takes great care to ensurestudents get to receive tutor feedback while enhancing their learning journey.


As online learning is openinga newer horizon in the education system, Best Physics Tuition Centre hopesto adopt technology and innovative processes, and grow their online presence inproviding the best education path forward. Learning analytics will also beexplored in the future to capture educational big data in order to improve thelearning and teaching process. By leveraging student data, the learningprovider is planning to enable adaptive pedagogies and practices, and deliverpersonalised learning better.

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