SP Jain School of Global Management introduces flexible learning options for its BBA program

July 21, 2020 - 03:52
SP Jain School of Global Management introduces flexible learning options for its BBA program

SINGAPORE - Media OutReach - 21th July2020 - SP Jain School of GlobalManagement (SP Jain Global)announced today the launch of a new set of flexible learning options for itsBachelor of Business Administration (BBA) program amid the uncertaintysurrounding the COVID-19.


SP Jain which has campuses in Dubai,Mumbai, Singapore and Sydney said today that students who sign up for its BBAprogram can choose which campus they would like to study at. For instance,students who enroll from Southeast Asian regions like Vietnam, Indonesia andthe Philippines may prefer to study the first two years in Singapore and travelto Sydney for the final two years. It's an exciting 2 + 2 model that leads toan Australian degree with Australian post study work possibilities as per thecurrent policy. SP Jain has also recently launched a new high-end onlinelearning format for students unwilling to go to a physical campus. This givesstudents considerable flexibility to decide based on their preferences. 

"SP Jain is known worldwide for offering aunique tri-city BBA program where students study in not one, but a minimum ofthree international cities," shares NitishJain, President, SP Jain Global. "But we are now living in unprecedentedtimes and the need of the hour is to address uncertainty with flexibility. Weare confident that students and parents will benefit from these new options ina number of ways, including the ability to ensure that they are able to makethe best academic choices for their interests and ambitions."

TheSP Jain President shares that the School's original tri-city model will alsocontinue to be offered for those who wish to study in Singapore, Dubai andSydney and explore employment opportunities in Australia on graduation. "Ourstudents have found much success in Australia -- both during the program andafter -- so it is only natural that we will continue to offer our original modelfor students who don't mind travelling to three countries."  In 2019, over 50% of the School'sBBA graduates secured employment in Australia with average starting salaries ofAUD 55,000. Other placementlocations include UAE, Singapore, Vietnam, Japan, Rwanda, India, Germany,Argentina, Brazil and the USA. 


Admissionsfor the BBA are currently open with classes expected to commence in September2020.


S P Jain is an Australian business school with campuses in Mumbai,Dubai, Singapore and Sydney. The School offers a plethora of undergraduate,postgraduate, professional and doctoral programs with a motive of craftingleaders for the 21st century workplace. Theirfull-time MBA programs have significant recognition as evinced through globalrankings.


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S P Jain is registered as a Higher Education Provider in Australia. Upongraduation, students receive a degree conferred by S P Jain School of GlobalManagement, Australia. S P Jain's world-class business courses are accreditedby the Department of Education/Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency(TEQSA), Australia.  S P Jain is registered as a Private EducationInstitute (PEI) by the committee for Private Education (CPE), Singapore. The academic qualifications granted by S P Jain and certified by the Knowledgeand Human Development Authority (KHDA), Dubai are recognized in the Emirate ofDubai. Click here to read more.