Evolution Wellness Solutions Launches Cloud-Based Membership Management System, Circuit™

July 20, 2020 - 02:10
Evolution Wellness Solutions Launches Cloud-Based Membership Management System, Circuit™

  • Seamless, end-to-end, feature-rich membership management systempacks a powerful punch
  • Built by the gym industry for the gym industry, CircuitTM is the superior choice for gym operators ofall shapes and sizes

SINGAPORE - MediaOutReach - 20 July 2020 - Evolution Wellness Solutions (EWS)today launched its cloud-based membership management system, Circuit, to the global marketplace,now giving gym operators access to a world class  solution to support their operations. Circuit is owned and managedby EWS, part of the Asia based Evolution Wellness Group (EvolutionWellness), the owner and operator ofAsia's largest wholly-owned network of fitness clubs, including CelebrityFitness and Fitness First. 

"Circuitwas born from within the Fitness First gym environment and refined over twodecades. Then known as MembersFirst, it was the backbone of the Fitness FirstGroup's global operations, supporting the operations of more than 400 FitnessFirst clubs in 23 countries across Europe, Asia, Australia and the Middle Eastat its peak, all with highly localised functionality facilitating member check-ins,to billing, and personal trainer bookings," said Evolution Wellness Group CEOSimon Flint. "We acquired the intellectual property for MembersFirst in2018, and set about building upon the solid fundamentals to bring it up to afeature-rich, best in class, cloud-based solution, and rebranded it to Circuit in 2020."


EWS CEO Michelle Ripley, who has beeninvolved in the development of Circuitsince its early MembersFirst days, said, "With its rich history and pedigreeserving one of the largest gym chains in the world, we are confident that Circuit is the superiorchoice for gym operators of all shapes and sizes, having evolved alongside thefitness industry throughout this time and in tandem with the increasinglysophisticated and technologically-savvy gym customers. It's a seamlessend-to-end solution built around 'real world' membership journeys which addressthe inefficiencies and shortfalls of many of today's software alternatives."


From membership administration andPOS, to flexible billing cycles, reporting and analytics, to corporate accountmanagement, Circuit empowersgym owners with data and insights not only for better decision-making especiallyaround optimising secondary spend, but also towards enhancing the memberexperience. Circuit ismodular and highly customisable making it easy to integrate with other thirdparty systems including payment processors; it's ideal for multi-brand,multi-site operations. The unique CircuitGroup Fitness and Personal Training management modules drives gym operatorefficiencies in the management of classes, revenue, staff performance andproductivity, thus avoiding the overhead of managing and consolidating dataacross disparate systems.


Circuitis also available with an integrated mobile app solution, which supportsexisting member engagement through features such as gamification, and socialintegration, and acts as an enabler to opening up and addressing a widernon-member audience such as through the pay-as-you-go functionality to retainthem into the ecosystem improving revenue and acquisition opportunity. Themobile app is adaptable and flexible, with one such recent example being allowingtime slot bookings with controlled capacity for gym access, whether for groupfitness classes or access to the cardio, weights, and freestyle areas, thusensuring safe social distancing and meeting contact tracing requirements.


"In essence, Circuitis a solution that's built by the gym industry for the gym industry," said Ripley."Being so closely linked to the gym industry means that we get a unique front-rowseat to witness the challenges facing full service, multi-site operators aswell as boutique gyms today across various markets and customer archetypes."


Today, Circuitsupports EvolutionWellness's operations in Asia, underpinning close to 1.5 billion membertransactions annually. Its geographically-dispersed technical team across threecontinents allows for 24/7 customer and tech support, while its attractivecommercial terms and robust onboarding process offer a seamless transition.


For enquiries or more information about Circuit, please visit https://bit.ly/circuithq.

About Circuit™

Circuit wasbuilt by the gym industry, FOR the gym industry. Born in a gym environment andrefined over 20 years, it offers seamless end-to-end membership managementsolutions, and is the superior choice for gym operators of all shapes andsizes. From membershipadministration and POS, to flexible billing cycles, finance reporting,reporting and analytics, to corporate account management, Circuit empowers gym owners with data and insights forgreater, more informed decision making, and towards enhancing the memberexperience.

About Evolution Wellness

Evolution Wellness is the owner andoperator of Asia’s largest wholly-owned network of fitness clubs. Establishedin 2017 following the coming together of two leading fitness brands inSoutheast Asia – Celebrity Fitness and Fitness First – we’re on a journey ofgrowth ‘from fitness to wellness.’


Our vision is to build a comprehensivewellness ecosystem for our members and customers, and providing a compellingrange of propositions to help them become the best versions of themselves. Witha network of more than 170 properties across six countries, we’re focused onleveraging the strength of our brands, and continuing to grow our businessthrough continuous innovation, expansion, diversification, with robuststrategic governance.


For more information about EvolutionWellness and our portfolio brands, please visit www.evolutionwellness.com.