Chuo Spring adopts Infor ERP solution at overseas sites to improve business visibility and standardize operations globally

July 17, 2020 - 09:10
Chuo Spring adopts Infor ERP solution at overseas sites to improve business visibility and standardize operations globally

Provides governance and expands standardized model from Japan for manufacturing industries


TOKYO, JAPAN - Media OutReach - 17 July 2020 - Infor Japan K.K., the Japanese subsidiary ofInfor, a global leader in business cloud software specialized by industry,today announced that Chuo Spring Co., Ltd., an automotive componentsmanufacturer, has adopted at its Indonesian sites Infor CloudSuite Industrial,an ERP solution for manufacturing industries, to enhance business visibilityand standardize its operations globally.




Chuo Spring is an automotive components manufacturer engaged in thedevelopment, manufacturing, and sale of springs, control cables, and othercomponents incorporated into vehicles. Using its control cable technologies,the company is expanding its product range outside of automotive components aswell, developing businesses in areas such as construction equipment andwelfare-related equipment.

Chuo Spring's overseas network comprises 10 sites in five countries aspart of its commitment to overseas expansion. However, because each overseassite operates different core business systems, and conducts operationsdifferently, it has been difficult for head office in Japan to obtain accuratereal-time information. As a result, each site has been left to implement itsown business improvements, and governance from head office has been largelyineffective.

Chuo Spring made the decision to use Infor CloudSuite Industrial as adedicated core system for its overseas sites, and deploy the solution in itsIndonesian sites, in recognition of its ability to adapt Japanese standardizedoperations to sites overseas and support centralized management and globaloperations from its Japanese head office.


■Results of adoption


Chuo Spring deployed Infor CloudSuite Industrial in the latter half of2019, and is using it to manage shipping, sales, procurement, warehousing, andaccounting at its Indonesian sites. The company is gradually deploying Infor'ssingle-instance ERP, built for global operations, across its overseas sites,starting with Indonesia. In this way, its head office in Japan will be able tounderstand data in real time across its global network, and drive businessimprovements based on companywide data (including from those overseas sites).

Along with adoption of Infor CloudSuite Industrial, Chuo Spring'sIndonesian sites are standardizing operations in line with Japan. They areimproving the efficiency of their operations, including eliminating data entrywork for shipping processes, reducing conversion time through a unified codesystem, and eliminating double entries through data centralization. Goingforward, in addition to more accurate inventory management, acceleratedfinancial reporting, and other operational improvements at its Indonesiansites, Chuo Spring will expand its standardization model to other overseassites as well.


■Comment from Kenta Koide, Vice President, Member of the board, Chuo Spring Co.,Ltd.


"To enablecontinued expansion at Chuo Spring, we needed an ERP solution to visualize ouroverseas site data in real time and enable data-driven business decisions. Inaddition to the rich functionality and proven achievements for globalmanufacturing businesses offered by Infor's ERP solution, we were impressedwith its versatility, flexible licensing structure, and development environmentenabling easy implementation and meeting local requirements."


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About Chuo Spring

Chuo SpringCo. Ltd. was established in Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture, in 1948 as a specialistmanufacturer of springs and control cables. It is engaged in Japan and overseasin the development, manufacturing, and sale of mainly automotive chassissprings, precision springs, and control cables, which require advancedtechnical capabilities. For details, please see .

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