First Page Limited Generates Success for Hong Kong Online Real Estate Platform House730

July 20, 2020 - 06:52
First Page Limited Generates Success for Hong Kong Online Real Estate Platform House730

House730 experiences consecutive quarters of profound success from First Page’s digital marketing expertise


HONG KONG, CHINA - Media OutReach - 20 July 2020 - House730has experienced significant growth over the past several fiscal quarters thanksto the partnership with online marketing expertise of First Page. Their skill in Search EngineOptimization and Google Ads have largely contributed to House730's recentsuccess in the housing market of Hong Kong.

House730 is an online real estate platformthat delivers housing sales and rental opportunities. They provide aneasy-to-use platform for their customers to promote and view available propertylistings in Hong Kong and Greater Bay Area as well as overseas markets.

Byron Redhead, General Manager of FirstPage Limited, recognizes the challenges of succeeding in Hong Kong's housingmarket, "House730 is uniquely positioned as a leader in one of the world's mostunique housing markets," says Redhead. "The opportunity to work with them andsupport them in their immense growth has been a huge opportunity for both FirstPage and House730."

About First Page

FirstPage has been rated as the fastest-growing agency in Hong Kong. Ascertified Google, HubSpot and Facebook partners, they set themselves apart fromthe competition by delivering guaranteed quality website traffic and what theycall recession-proof digital marketing. First Page's core values revolve aroundthe 3C's: Customers, Company, and Competence. They believe that customersdeserve a company that not only delivers positive results, but also serves themwith integrity, empathy, and flexibility.

About House730

House730is a comprehensive property platform providing all kinds of property listingand information. No matter whether you are finding property to buy or rent, youcan easily find the information you need. House730 is also the ideal platformfor both property owners and agents to list their properties and reach theirtarget customers with ease!

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