GAUSSIN and ST Engineering LS have won a contract for 86 Full Elec AGVs 65 tons to equip the Port of Singapore

March 25, 2019 - 06:54
GAUSSIN and ST Engineering LS have won a contract for 86 Full Elec AGVs 65 tons to equip the Port of Singapore

A 1st tranche has been awarded as part of the Tuas Megaport project in Singapore


HERICOURT, FRANCE - EQS - 25March 2019 - GAUSSINManugistique (EURONEXT GROWTH FR0010342329) hasannounced that its 100% autonomous, 100% electric AGV PERFORMANCE® 65 tons vehiclehas been selected by the operator of the port of Singapore for its TuasMegaport extension project.

A firm order for a 1st tranche of 86 AGV PERFORMANCE®vehicles has been received by ST Engineering Land System, Gaussin's partner andlicensee for the territory of Singapore.


This emblematic contract from one of the world'sleading port operators validates the technological advance, know-how,robustness and reliability of the Gaussin autonomous patented vehicles trialledin Singapore since 2018.


This order for 86 AGV PERFORMANCE® will generate turnover forGAUSSIN from the 1st half of 2019 via the licence granted to ST EngineeringLand System, the latter financing the entire project.

The Tuas Megaportproject, which is intended to provide Singapore with state-of-the-art portinfrastructure, will double its capacity to 65 million containers (TEU) shippedannually in the medium term, and will eventually increase this figure to 100million containers.

A total of 2,000AGVs will be needed for the 1st phase, and regular invitations to tender willbe issued over a period of 10 years.


GAUSSIN announced at the beginning of last October (cf. press release dated 2 October 2018)the signing of an exclusive 20-year contract - until 2038 -, including anupfront fee and royalties on future sales, with the land systems division of STEngineering, a Singapore-based multinational specialising in defence andengineering technology listed on the Singapore stock exchange, enabling it tomanufacture, promote, distribute and sell the ultra fast-loading FULL ELEC AGVPERFORMANCE® vehicles in Singapore.


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About Gaussin

Gaussin Manugistique® isspecialised in the auditing of handling processes and the development ofwheeled handling systems used to place and transport heavy, bulky or fragileloads. With more than 50,000 vehicles worldwide, GAUSSIN Manugistique boasts astrong reputation in four fast-expanding markets: Energy, Transport, theEnvironment and Raw Materials. Gaussin Manugistique® has been listed onEuronext Growth in Paris since 16 June 2010. Gaussin shares have been listed inthe E2 trading group (public offering) since 20 July 2012, after AMF approval12-360 was secured on 17/07/12 for the prospectus, available free of chargefrom

About ST Engineering Land Systems

STEngineering is a global defence technology and engineering group specialisingin the aerospace, electronics, land systems and marine sectors. Incorporated in1997 and headquartered in Singapore, ST Engineering ranks among the majorcompanies listed on the Singapore Exchange, and is one of Asia's leadingengineering groups.


STEngineering relies on a global network of subsidiaries and related companieswith approximately 22,000 employees serving customers in Asia, the Americas,Europe and Oceania.


A leader in each of itscore businesses, ST Engineering contributes innovation and technology to createmulti-disciplinary, intelligent engineering solutions for its defence,government and business applications customers.