Taiwan Fastener Companies on the Rise in Europe

March 22, 2019 - 10:40
Taiwan Fastener Companies on the Rise in Europe

TAIPEI, TAIWAN - Media OutReach - 22 March 2019 - Themajor markets of Asia, America, Europe and the Middle East continue to boom.The construction industry is growing continuously, and the automotive industryregularly reports records in sales. Fastener production is one sectorbenefitting most, especially Taiwanese producers.


The numbers clearly demonstrate thestrengths and competitiveness of Taiwanese fastener companies. The largestmarkets and producers are China (19%), USA (18%), Japan (10%), Germany (8%) andTaiwan (5%). Taiwan is already the third largest exporter of binding andfastening products worldwide. Tu-Chin Tsai, Chairman of TAIWAN INDUSTRIALFASTENERS INSTITUTE (TIFI) confirmed: "With 1,650 factories employing 35,000industry personnel, Taiwan's fastener industry exported more than 1.65 milliontons of fasteners in 2018, to over 150 countries around the world".


At the Stuttgart Fastener Fair, thethree Taiwanese market representatives, BOLTUN CORPORATION, ANCHOR FASTENERSINDUSTRIAL CO., LTD and SUPER NUT INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD presented their extensiveproduct portfolios and introduced themselves as an inexpensive and innovativealternative, especially for the construction and automotive sectors. Germany isregarded as the most lucrative and most important sales market after the USA.Thus, the main goal is to take the market share from the German top dogs.


Diversifiedproduct portfolio

Founded in 1988, BOLTUN CORPORATION today employsapproximately 3,800 people worldwide and recently generated turnover ofapproximately $US 600 million. The company develops and produces tools andconsiders itself the leading producer of fastening elements in the automotivesector. Jason Chen, Sales Director of BOLTON CORPORATION explains: "Boltun offersa wide range of products, such as fastening elements for automobiles and windturbines, metal components and stamped parts. Also included are i.a.high-tensile bolts made of 10.9- and 12.9-steel, which are VW-approved."


Family business with along tradition

SUPER NUT INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD gained an internationalreputation in development and production of rivets and special connectors forthe automotive sector. The family business relies on its range of blind rivetnuts, clinch parts, as well as its run and sleeve nuts. "Over 30 years ofexperience in manufacturing further enables the development of solutionsaccording to specific customer requirements, such as extremely thin walls withsevere internally threaded parts", says Emily Chou, Sales Manager.


ETA-approvals forfastening elements in the construction area

ANCHOR FASTENERS INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD. focuses on high quality binding elements for the construction, automotiveand electronics industries, as well as medical technology. Particularly in theconstruction sector, the company offers sophisticated, heavy-duty anchors witha European technical rating (approval) and CE-certifications. "We want tointroduce our ETA-certificated heavy-duty anchors as well as bolt anchors,concrete screws and internal threaded anchors (drop-in anchors) developed forbuilding construction and civil engineering to a wide, particularly European,expert audience", says Executive Vice General Manager Johnson Chang. Apart fromsteel anchors, the company also produces fasteners made from metals such asaluminum and brass. Additionally, ANCHOR FASTENERS INDUSTRIAL CO., LTDpossesses the highest production capacity for rivet nuts in Taiwan.


Largest fastener fairin Taiwan

While Taiwanese companies targetEurope by presenting themselves professionally at European fairs and events,European firms can introduce themselves to the Asian market through one of thebiggest fastener fairs, FASTENER TAIWAN, held in the northern city ofKaohsiung. All highlights and opportunities related to FASTENER TAIWAN 2020 areillustrated by Jessica Cheng, Project Manager, Taiwan External TradeDevelopment Council (TAITRA). Interested companies will find additionalinformation and contact persons through the following link https://www.fastenertaiwan.com.tw/.

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