Vingroup to Award 1,100 Fully Funded Science and Technology Scholarships for Overseas Study for Master’s and Doctoral Degrees

March 06, 2019 - 02:14
Vingroup to Award 1,100 Fully Funded Science and Technology Scholarships for Overseas Study for Master’s and Doctoral Degrees

HANOI, VIETNAM - MediaOutReach - 6 March 2019 - Vingroup has just announced "the Science and Technology ScholarshipProgram for Overseas Study for Master's and Doctoral Degrees" for talentedVietnamese. The Program will be implemented for a duration of 11 years (from2019 to 2030), awarding 1,100 fully funded scholarships to Vietnamese to studyin countries with leading science and technology, such as the United States ofAmerica, Russia, France, Australia, Israel, Japan, South Korea and Singapore.

"The Science andTechnology Scholarship Program for Overseas Study for Master's and DoctoralDegrees" (the Program) is a component of the Science and Technology ResourcesDevelopment Project of Vingroup. 

The mission ofthe Program is to find talented Vietnamese to mentor and develop them furtherand provide them with rewarding opportunities so that they have the ability tolead and advance science and technology in Vietnam in the future.

Around 20 fieldsof study are given priority and include the following: artificial intelligence(AI), big data, machine learning, cloud computing, information security,cryptology, control and automation engineering, renewable energy, productdesign, robotics, mechatronics engineering, cell biology, and genetics, etc...

The Program hasalso identified a list of 50 target universities to send the scholarshiprecipients to pursue their graduate degree programs, such as the MassachusettsInstitute of Technology (MIT), Cornell University, and the University ofPennsylvania -- the United States; the Nanyang Technological University (NTU) -- Singapore;Australian National University (ANU) -- Australia; the Korea Advanced Instituteof Science and Technology (KAIST) -- South Korea; the Technion-Israel Instituteof Technology -- Israel; the University of Tokyo -- Japan; Lomonosov Moscow StateUniversity -- Russia; and the University of Limoges -- France.

Ms. Le Mai Lan, Vice Chairwoman ofVingroup and Executive Director of the VinUniversity Project, said: "Theprioritized fields of study that have been selected for the Scholarship Programall belong to the key areas that can make a breakthrough for the science andtechnology development of Vietnam as well as of Vingroup. We strongly believethat the Program will contribute to creating generations of high-qualityVietnamese talents, positioning Vietnam better in the world's technology mapand heading towards global competition."

Details on the scholarship selectioncriteria and application timelines will be published at the website:  

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