Trend Micro Report Reveals Mounting Cloud Email Threats to Office 365 Require Second Layer of Defense

March 05, 2019 - 09:03
Trend Micro Report Reveals Mounting Cloud Email Threats to Office 365 Require Second Layer of Defense

Cloud App Security report highlights the dangers of relying solely on built-in email security


HONG KONG, CHINA - Media OutReach - 5 March 2019 - Trend MicroIncorporated(TYO: 4704; TSE: 4704), a global leader in cybersecurity solutions, todayannounced that its Cloud App Security tool blocked nearly nine millionhigh-risk email threats in 2018 as attackers continued to evolve their tactics,highlighting the importance of investing in multi-layered protection for onlineplatforms like Office 365.


The findings from Trend Micro's CloudApp Security report detail how escalating email threat levels are exposingorganizations to an increased risk of fraud, spying, information theft, andspoofing. As email remains a staple communication and collaboration toolglobally, it is convenient for cybercriminals to leverage this integral,trusted platform for compromising attacks.


"Organizations are increasinglylooking to cloud email services to boost productivity and agility, but theCloud App Security report reveals that--from credential phishing to businessemail compromise (BEC) and the use of unusual file types--hackers are employinga variety of new tactics to evade built-in controls, making it critical toinvest in a second layer of defense," said Tony Lee, Head of Consulting atTrend Micro Hong Kong.


As the reportreveals, email remains one of the most popular threat vectors. In total, thesolution detected and blocked nearly 9 million high-risk email threats in 2018.This number was even after Cloud App Security was used as a second filter foremails that passed through Office 365. A Trend Micro customers' detectionresult is available in the report.


This underscores that sophisticated,multi-layered security is imperative for cloud-based email security as part ofthe shared responsibility model.


Lee continued, "Microsoft is a valuedpartner of ours and by no means the only provider targeted by these evolvingtactics. While its internal controls are a great starting point, organizationsmust take shared responsibility for security in the cloud. Think of third-partyemail protection as the tires of your favorite car -- an essential add-on."  


To improve the tool's detection rateseven further, Trend Micro has added new capabilities that combine ComputerVision and Artificial Intelligence technology to "see" fake websites. Thisadditional technique is applied to suspected phishing emails after filteringbased on sender, content, and URL reputation.


The new capabilities sit alongsideother Trend Micro email security features. These strategic offerings includeAI-powered Writing Style DNA to combat BEC attacks, machine learning-baseddetection of suspicious email content, sandbox malware analysis, documentexploit detection, and file, email, and web reputation technologies. Cloud AppSecurity also leverages the power of the Trend Micro Smart Protection Network,which blocked more than 41 billion email threats in 2018.


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