Lynx and Teledyne e2v reduce time and risk for safety certifiable PowerPC system development

December 24, 2018 - 03:30
Lynx and Teledyne e2v reduce time and risk for safety certifiable PowerPC system development

LynxOS-178 FAA approved ReusableSoftware Component
ported to Teledyne e2v's DO-254ready Qormino® QT1040-4GB Common Computer Platform

SAN JOSE,CALIFORNIA - MediaOutReach - 27 December 2018 - Lynx Software Technologies, aworld leader in the embedded software market and Teledyne e2v, anaerospace qualified manufacturer of advanced semiconductors today announced acompact, powerful hardware and software development platform offering thefastest path to certifiability for safety critical Power Architecture®applications in avionics and other domains that demand high reliability. Theannouncement follows the porting of LynxOS-178, a proven, field-hardened and DO-178Ccertified hard real-time operating system, to the Teledyne e2v Qormino®QT1040-4GB Common Computer Platform, an exceptionally compact custom platform includinga Power Architecture® based Processor, 4GB of DDR4 memory, and benefittingfrom DO-254 certification support.  LynxOS-178is the first and only commercial RTOS which has been approved by the FederalAviation Administration (FAA) as a Reusable Software Component (RSC), andacceptable for use in DO-178 design assurance level A systems per the AdvisoryCircular (AC) 20-148.


Thomas Guillemain, Marketing and Business Development Manager ofDigital Processing Solutions at Teledyne e2v commented "The integration of themarket's only commercially available Reusable Software Component RTOS,LynxOS-178, with our DO-254 certification ready Qormino QT1040-4GB Power Architecturebased platform is an exciting opportunity for our mutual customers to acceleratetheir certified system development. Qormino reduces their design cycle time, andenhances their ability to stay in the market with our 15+ year supportcommitment."


Lee Cresswell, vice president of global sales at Lynx, added, "TheLynxOS-178 RSC significantly reduces the risk, effort and cost of certificationaccording to DO-178C. Acting as a 'reusable hardware component' the Teledynee2v Qormino module similarly speeds and simplifies certification to DO-254. Couplingwith our RTOS RSC provides customer benefits in terms of both time-to-marketand time-in-market as their software applications evolve, and reinforces Lynx'scommitment to working with its partners and customers to fundamentally reducethe cost of developing, certifying and sustaining avionics designs."


Teledyne e2v's Qormino QT1040-4GB combines NXP QorIQ®T1040 Quad Core Power Architecture processor and 4GB of DDR4 memory on a customsubstrate which reduces development time, simplifies designs and allows spacesavings on the printed circuit board (PCB). QT1040-4GB is shipping today tocustomers, targeted at High Reliability environments up to military temperatureRange (-55C to 125C), and is supplied with a DO-254 Data Package.


The LynxOS®-178 RTOS is an open standards hard real-time DO-178B/C level A certifiedoperating system with natively implemented POSIX APIs and FACE compatibility.  LynxOS-178 also provides support for ARINC653 services, ARINC 653 time and space partitioning, and the deployment ofapplications developed according to ARINC 653 APplication EXecutive (APEX) APIs.LynxOS-178 is designed specifically to fulfil the stringent needs ofmultithread and multiprocessing applications in safety-critical real-timesystems.


The integration was demonstrated at Electronica 2018 in Munich13-19 November on the Teledyne e2v booth. The demonstration showcased the Eclipse-basedLuminosity integrated development environment (IDE) and SpyKer tools, and showedcross-development targeting the Teledyne e2v Qormino QT1040-4GB.



LynxOS-178 2.2.4, supporting NXPT series devices, is available today. Certification artifacts for theLynxOS-178 RSC are available today to support certification according toDO-178C up to DAL 

QorminoQT1040-4GB Evaluation & Open Development Platform is available today.


A LynxOS-178Board support Package (BSP) for the Qormino QT1040-4GB Development Board isimmediately available as an early access release.


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