The Procrastinator’s Guide to Getting Your Table, Christmas-Ready this Holiday Season

December 21, 2018 - 09:33
The Procrastinator’s Guide to Getting Your Table, Christmas-Ready this Holiday Season

SINGAPORE- MediaOutReach - December 21, 2018 - 4more days to Christmas and you're nowhere near ready for your Christmasparties. Friends and family members will throng your house over the next fewdays and you're panicking at the emptiness of your fridge. 


Well, fret not because Amazon is here to help you get whatyou need just in the nick of time.


The local tab on the Prime Now app brings tens of thousandsof items to your doorstep within a 2-hour delivery window with free delivery onpurchases of more than $40 -- this is true convenience for the procrastinator inall of us.


For feeding the masses

1.      CulinaOven Baked Crispy Pork Belly, $54.63

Forgot to place an advanced order for somemeats and worry that it's now too late? Fret not, order this crispy oven-bakedcrispy pork belly with gourmet as part of the centerpiece for your table. Itwill be delivered chilled, so you have the option of popping it into the ovenwhen your party is just about to kick into full swing!


2.      Culina PremiumGammon Ham Boneless Fat-On, $58.90

If Christmas turkey is the queen of thetable, then ham is the porcine princess of the jolly season and here's one fromCulina, a butchery that firmly believes in the farm-to-fork experience. This approx.2kg ham can easily feed a mid-sized party. The juicy meat is enjoyable on itsown, although you could also complement it with some homemade apple sauce.

Sweet Treats and Desserts

3.      BonifantiLa Nostra Torta Apples & Raisin Christmas Soft Cake, $25.50

Bonifanti presents a novely: la NostraTorta. This is an exquisite soft cake packaged in a cute box that is easy tocarry. Whether is it for your table or that of your friend, you've got a winnerwith this specialty pastry that has raisins and slices of candid apple with acinnamon aroma.


4.      MaisonFossier Honey Gingerbread, $14.73

It was in 16th century Reims that thiswonderful gingerbread recipe was first developed, when the master pastry chefscame up with the idea of adding honey, lemon zest, orange blossom and almondsto bread to lift its flavour. A lovely finishing touch at the end of yourdinner, perhaps?


AfterDinner Delights

5.      CreativeHome Genuine Marble Stone, $55.20

A marble stone all ready to be the base ofyour DIY cheese platter. A modern and elegant design all ready to wow yourguests with.


6.      AlleosseRoquefort Carles AOP, $22.80

A unique marriage of home-made bread spiceswith orange, this high-end specialty cheese is one that salty, savoury andcreamy -- just the right kind of treat with as your wind down your evening withfriends.


7.      SanNicola Proscuitto Ham, $7.90

What's a cheeseboard with some prosciuttoto accompany it? This Italian prosciutto ham is delicately aged more than 18months cured in the heart of the Upper Parma Valley. Serve it thinly sliced anduncooked.


8.      OysterBay Pinot Noir 2015, $54.90

Complete your cheese platter with anaromatic cherry, bright red berry and juicy black plum red wine with alingering, smooth and seductive texture.


Last-Minute Decorating and Tableware

9.      PartyforteShiny Christmas Baubles, $10.43

Only whipping out the tree now andrealizing that all your decorations are way past their hey-day? Fret not,Amazon's got you covered with this 30pc mixed colors assorted baubles to ringin the Christmas spirit in your home.


10.  MichelDesign Works Paper Luncheon Napkin, Nutcracker, $11.83

Some of the best holiday memories happenaround the dinner table. Set one this season with some nutcracker-inspirednapkins to highlight the seasonal mood.


There you have it, whether is it a roast meat that's not yetbeen ordered or last-minute decorating because you thought you had everything,Amazon's got you covered.


Prime members in Singapore can shop for those last-minuteChristmas gifts and still receive free two-hour delivery by 10 pm on ChristmasEve for orders over S$40. And, for those real procrastinators and last minuteentertaining needs Amazon has announced regular Prime Now delivery hours from10 am -- 10 pm on Christmas Day. Not yet a member? Try Prime for free for 30days. AmazonPrime in Singapore is currently available for S$2.99 per month.


Happy Shopping and have a lovely Holiday season!


*Images of all items can be found on thePrime Now app. Prices listed are accurate at time of submission and are subjectto change without notice. 



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