FrieslandCampina Hong Kong is awarded the 9th Hong Kong Outstanding Corporate Citizenship Logo and the Social Capital Builder Awards

December 21, 2018 - 03:26
FrieslandCampina Hong Kong is awarded the 9th Hong Kong Outstanding Corporate Citizenship Logo and the Social Capital Builder Awards

HONG KONG, CHINAMedia OutReach - December 21, 2018 - FrieslandCampina (Hong Kong) Limited ("FCHK") is honoured to receive the 9thHong Kong Outstanding Corporate Citizenship Logo (Enterprise Category) and theSocial Capital Builder Award (2018-2020). Both awards recognise FCHK's contributionsin corporate social responsibilities nourishing the lives of Hong Kong peopleacross all ages.


FCHK believes that healthy community is the foundation of successful andsustainable society development. Backed by FrieslandCampina over 140 years of dairyexpertise and its nutrition product portfolio in Hong Kong, FCHK is committedto realize its purpose of nourishing by nature by brining better nutrition tothe community and act for now and generations to come. FCHK not only supportslocal food banks and community food aid programs, but hosted the World Milk Daycelebration with Hong Kong people advocating healthy lifestyle through 'Drink& Move, Building Strong Families Together' to promote balanced nutrition,sufficient dairy intake and regular exercise to build the foundation of healthfor children and families. Meanwhile, FCHK and its brand BLACK & WHITE®have been leading the development of the Hong Kong-style milk tea culture since1940s and are committed to promoting and preserving the Hong Kong-style milktea making technique, an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Hong Kong. Byestablishing a cross-sector public-private partnership with social serviceorganisations and customers from renowned chained restaurant groups, the 'NewGeneration Milk Tea Master Training Programme' has been an unique flagshipprogram that empowering the unemployed and supporting the local cha chaan tengindustry with trained workforce.


FCHK aims to create the most successful,professional and attractive dairy company for its employees, customers,consumers and the society. It puts employees as the most important assets andis committed on training and development enabling employees to grow with thecompany. FCHK pays continuous efforts to enhance employee well-being, launchingfamily-friendly policies and offering various staff benefits.  Meanwhile, the company dedicated upholding ofbusiness ethics and compliances and assuring product quality and safety. Tosupport sustainable society development for now and generations to come, FCHK hasbeen implementing environmental protection and sustainability approaches tosave resources, demonstrate comprehensive customer care and supportinglong-term development of the industry.


The Awards

Launched by the Hong Kong Productivity Council (HKPC) and co-organizedby the Committee on the Promotion of Civic Education, the Hong Kong OutstandingCorporate Citizenship Logo is a highlight of the Hong Kong CorporateCitizenship Program. The award recognises the notable CSR performance and volunteering work ofcompanies, corporate volunteer teams and social enterprises. Reviewed andevaluated by professional judges specialised in corporate citizenship andrepresentatives from HKPC, FCHK's key achievementsin four aspects, including professional service and quality products, care toemployee, contribution to society and effort on environment protectionwere recognised.


The Social Capital Builder Awards have been organised by the CommunityInvestment and Inclusion Fund (CIIF) of the Labour and Welfare Bureau bienniallysince 2012, in order to accord recognition to individuals,enterprises/organisations which have contributed to the development of socialcapital in Hong Kong and to commend outstanding CIIF-funded projects. The awards recognise FCHK's significantachievements in developing social capital in Hong Kong in six core socialcapital dimensions which include social networks, social participation, trustand solidarity, social cohesion and inclusion, information and communicationand mutual-help and reciprocity.


FrieslandCampinaHong Kong --nourishing the lives of Hong Kong people across all ages

FrieslandCampina (Hong Kong) Limited (FCHK), a subsidiary of RoyalFrieslandCampina, has maintained a long presence in Hong Kong since 1938.Building on FrieslandCampina's over 140 years of Dutch dairy heritage andexpertise, the 'from-grass-to-glass' stringent global supply chain and constantinnovation that unlock the nutritional potential of milk, FCHK has been leadingthe development of dairy industry in Hong Kong, nourishing the lives of HongKong people across all ages with its full range of high quality and nutritious dairy products, including FRISO® pregnancy, infantand toddler milk formula, DUTCH LADY® dairy based beverages, BLACK&WHITE® and LONGEVITY® dairy products, and OPTIMEL® adult nutrition formula for consumers, customers and food servicebusiness partners through awide network in both retail and business channels in Hong Kong and Macau.

FCHK believes healthy community is thefoundation of successful and sustainable society development, hence, iscommitted to give back by leveraging its dairy and nutrition expertise andproduct portfolio. In order to make a contribution to provide better nutritionfor the community, FCHK advocates 'Drink & Move, Building Strong FamiliesTogether' and celebrates the Hong Kong World Milk Day annually to promotebalanced nutrition, sufficient dairy intake and regular exercise to localchildren and families. Meanwhile, FCHK and its brand BLACK & WHITE® have been leading the development ofthe Hong Kong-style milk tea since 1940s; and arecommitted to promoting and preserving the Hong Kong-style milk tea making technique, an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Hong Kong. FCHK also formed across-sector public-private partnership with social service organisations andrenowned chained restaurant groups to host the 'New Generation Milk Tea MasterTraining Programme' to empower the unemployed. As Hong Kong people's partner inhealth, FCHK supports local food banks and charity groups and provides foodassistance to people in need. In 2018, FCHK served over 28,000 beneficiarieswith an aggregate value of over HKD1.4 million to the community.


RoyalFrieslandCampina -- nourishing by nature

Every day, FrieslandCampina provides millions of consumers from all over the world with food that is rich in valuable nutrients from milk. FrieslandCampina is one of the world's largest dairy companies that produces and sells consumer products such as dairy-based beverages, infantand toddler nutrition, cheese and desserts, provides productslike cream and butter to bakery and catering customers, and suppliesingredients and semi-finished products to manufacturers of infant nutrition,the food industry and pharmaceutical sector around the world. The company is fully owned by the cooperative Zuivelcoöperatie FrieslandCampina U.A., that is jointly formedby about 19,000 member dairy farmers inthe Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. FrieslandCampina has offices in 34 countries and employs a total of over23,000 people.


Providingthe growing world population with the right nutrients in a sustainable way isone of the critical challenges forthe coming decades. By offering trustworthy and nourishing dairy products,FrieslandCampina contributes to food and nutrient security. FrieslandCampina'spurpose -- nourishing by nature -- stands for better nutritionfor the world's consumers, a good living for our farmers, now and forgenerations to come. For more information please visit: