Changsha IFS and Steven Harrington Join Hands to Introduce New Trends of Pop Culture in Changsha

August 17, 2018 - 10:59
Changsha IFS and Steven Harrington Join Hands to Introduce New Trends of Pop Culture in Changsha

CHANGSHA, CHINA- Media OutReach -August 17, 2018 - A new and fashionable landmark in central China and retailcomplex dedicated to promoting art and culture that opened in May 2018,Changsha IFS, has continued to bring trendy art events to Changsha, the capitalof Hunan province, providing an opportunity to the denizens of the vibrant hubto fully immerse themselves in the world of popular art. This August, Changsha IFSbrings internationally popular extreme sports and art exhibitions to Changshavia the art sculpture Gotcha.

CSIFS x Steven Harrington

Artist SteveHarrington's iconic art sculpture Gotcha has taken up temporary residence inthe southwestern square at Changsha IFS. The art installation is a 70-meterlong giant sea wave-inspired extreme sports space, with a 7-meter high palmtree and a dog by the name of Mello dressed in a swallow-tailed coat. At ChangshaIFS Sculpture Park on L7, visitors can get up close and personal with Mello ashe scampers around a smiling palm tree, with California's signature sunshineand beach as the backdrop. At Changsha IFS Arts Gallery on the same floor,visitors can take in the pop art exhibition curated by the California artist.

On August 8,the first day following the installation of the show, a number of young bicyclemotocross or BMX extreme sports athletes performed onsite. Che Lin, China'snumber one skateboarder and gold medalist at the 1st Asian Indoor Games, inunison with his team members, opened at the event, followed by George Jackson,an extreme sports veteran with 17 years of BMX experience, and Li Haoran,former BMX athlete in China's national extreme sports team, who both showcasedtheir advanced skills and teamwork. The day's event reached a climax when ChrisBohm, BMX flatland performer and Guinness World record holder, exhibited hissophisticated flatland skills. Other passionate athletes also demonstratedtheir extreme sports prowess. Changsha IFS aims to bring more vitality to thesurrounding city and to promote the spirit of continually challenging oneselfvia the event.

Pop artcontributes to the vitality of the city while extreme sports add to the growingpopularity of the new landmark

Harrington hastransformed Changsha IFS Sculpture Park on L7 into a seaside amusement park viahis signature smiling palm tree and the canine resident Mello. The artist'sfirst solo exhibition in China is being held in Changsha IFS Arts Gallery,where visitors can view a series of classic artworks, as well as videosdescribing the back story behind the installation, and communicate with theartist in a fully open environment. Visitors also can buy specially designedsouvenirs at Changsha IFS Arts Gallery, which are exclusively designed formembers of the up and coming Generation Z who have a different and refreshingtake on pop culture. The souvenirs are quite different from those Harringtonhad previously designed for other brands. Limited edition souvenirs producedjointly by Changsha IFS and Harrington include classic graffiti stickers andGotcha sculptures.