ABCC – the World-class Cryptocurrency Exchange – Announced an Airdrop of 150,000 USDT

August 17, 2018 - 10:53
ABCC – the World-class Cryptocurrency Exchange – Announced an Airdrop of 150,000 USDT

HONG KONG, CHINA and TAIPEI, TAIWAN  - Media OutReach - August 17, 2018 - ABCC, a world-class cryptocurrencyexchange, was founded by Calvin Cheng, the former Member of Parliament ofSingapore, who also serves as the CEO. The investment institutions includeFUNCITY, Dream Seeker Capital and BLOCKORIGIN. The consultants are Dr. MichaelFernando (the former foreign minister of Malta), Zhang Lei (the former generalmanager of mobile security of Baidu) and Chen Yukun (the co-founder of Umeng).Chen Weixing (the founder of Kuaidi and the chairman of FUNCITY) is theinvestor.


Recently, ABCC has launched an airdrop of USDT150, 000 for userswho deposit on the platform. By depositing at least 100USDT, members can standa chance to win a share of USDT150,000 based on the deposit ratio. Depending ontheir deposit amount, each participant would win 5-10% of airdrop USDT.

ABCC adopts a Trade-to-Mine Mode. Inspired by the bitcoinmining model, AT, the platform token, can secure a long-term and stable growth.


Miners can receive AT rewards with a higher value than thetransaction fees they paid. Meanwhile, the platform distributes 80% of thedaily transaction fees to the users who hold AT. AT holders can choose to sellAT or hold it in long-term to earn rewards every day.


ABCC has just announced the opening of its Europeanheadquarters in Malta earlier this month. It now supports 11 languages now,including traditional Chinese.

The daily trading volume of ABCC was up to $400 million withthe highest ranking being the fifth in the world.


Traditional Chinese Telegram Group of ABCC: