Italian Design Day held online this year

July 16, 2021 - 09:42
The 5th edition of "Italian Design Day" was organised online in Việt Nam with the theme of “Urban Regeneration”.


The Italian Design Day was organised online in Milan, Hà Nội, HCM City, and other cities worldwide.  VNS Photo

HCM CITY  The 5th edition of "Italian Design Day" was organised online in Việt Nam with the theme of “Urban Regeneration”.

Launched by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Co-operation, Fondazione Compasso d’Oro and the Triennale di Milano since 2017, the annual celebration of Italian Design Day has been warmly welcomed in many countries around the world, including Việt Nam.

Hosted by 100 Italian design ambassadors in 100 cities all over the world, the programme includes exhibitions, talks and other events creating a platform for art lovers, professionals and architects as well as landscape and urban developers to explore the idea of sustainable development and preservation of beauty on a global scale. 

This is a meaningful series of activities opening opportunities for cooperation in the field of design with the Italian industry. 

“We aim to reach out to students, teachers, architects and companies in the real estate and design sector. Our objective is to give young Vietnamese architects and the interested public an overview of the trends and solutions for urban regeneration projects in Italy, in Việt Nam and worldwide,” said Italian Ambassador to Việt Nam Antonio Alessandro.

Italian Design Day 2021 in Việt Nam was organised with a special online conference on urban regeneration, explaining the current trend aimed at rethinking and transforming urban spaces in sustainable and equitable ways.

An online workshop with the theme “Technologies for the preservation of cultural heritage” was also organised in Hà Nội, HCM City and Milan.

The concept of urban regeneration — the process of improving buildings and land to reverse structural decline — is now in the limelight, taking a significant place in urban planning discussions and projects.

In order to obtain urban regeneration processes that can combine development and preservation of cultural heritage, private companies and individuals should receive the right guidance and incentives from the government. Italy has defined excellent policies to this end. — VNS