People’s artist Thu Hà breaks the mould with new role

March 17, 2021 - 07:33

People's Artist Đồng Thu Hà is making a big mark on TV with an unusual shift from her image in most of her previous movies to a strong, decisive woman with the role of Mrs Bạch Cúc in Hướng dương ngược nắng (Sunflower Against the Sun). She spoke with Hà Nội Mới (New Ha Noi) reporter Cuối Tuần about her new role, career and life.


Completely different from her role as Bạch Cúc in "Sunflower Against the Sun", People's Artist Đồng Thu Hà is famous with a gentle and elegant image in many previous movies.— Photo

People's Artist Đồng Thu Hà is making a big mark on TV with an unusual shift from her image in most of her previous movies to a strong, decisive woman with the role of Mrs Bạch Cúc in Hướng Dương Ngược Nắng (Sunflower Against the Sun). She spoke with Hà Nội Mới Cuối Tuần (Weekend New Hà Nội) reporter about her new role, career and life.

2021 is leaving a mark in your acting career with the role of Mrs Bạch Cúc. How do you feel about that?

To be honest, Mrs Bạch Cúc was a great challenge for me. At first, I found it a bit difficult as the character has too many lines, but because of this, I find it interesting. Many people say I am so picky because I don’t easily agree with any script. But it’s because I respect the audience. I think the way I’ve been really serious about my career is also my way to keep my image in the audience’s heart.

At first, my friends and family told me how old I was during the making of the film compared to myself in reality, but I accepted it because my character needs to be like that. I still follow the audience's feedback about the character, I’m happy about the feedback and kind words from my friends, relatives and the audience. People say I played Bạch Cúc very well. But I know I need to work harder.

Bạch Cúc is different from any other characters that you’ve played before and from your own personality. Do you feel pressure to show the decisive, strong personality of Bạch Cúc?

Bạch Cúc and I are completely different. So many times, I had to fight to portray the character. Of course, there were times I got lost and got back to the image of the previous characters, then I stopped and adjusted my emotion. I accepted the role because I wanted to step out of my comfort zone.

Mrs Bạch Cúc, performed by Thu Hà, receives good feedbacks from the audience as a really strong and decisive character in the movie. Photo

Some people say Bạch Cúc hasn’t reached the level of a villain in your performance yet, What do you think about these comments? In the second part of the series, will the audience see Mrs Bạch Cúc with more tricks and maybe more evil actions?

Bạch Cúc has a strong and fierce personality, she carries a family legacy, her struggles and hatred are many, so she also has a lot of her own feelings. But the character of Bạch Cúc is not a woman with a conspiracy or a complete villain. And there will be an answer for the fate and character development of Bạch Cúc at the end of the movie. There will be many interesting and dramatic twists.

"Calendar photo Queen", "Ageless beautiful woman", " Golden tree branches and jade leaves " are many of your nicknames. If you lost those because of this role, would you be sad?

I feel happy to be called by those nicknames, but I also take those words with pressure. An actress will play different roles at different times. If the role of Bạch Cúc can help me escape the shadow of myself in the past and make the audience remember more, then it will be my success.

How do you feel about your current daily life?

Women at this age regret many things. I regret what I have not done in the past because everyone wants to be more perfect. People often say the word "If only" but I haven’t said it for a long time, because I'm not an adventurous person anymore. If I could turn back time to fix things again, I would be richer and more famous. Currently, I have a peaceful, happy life. My most precious thing is seeing my children grow up and have a good family.

You’ve experienced 51 springs, what is special for you about this year's spring?

To me, spring this year is even more special when after more than 10 years, I could celebrate Tết (Lunar New Year) holiday with my mother in Hà Nội. For a woman who got married and had to live away from home, spending the Lunar New Year with my mother is a very special and happy moment. It’s the most memorable Tết for me. — VNS