Golden Kite award recognises actress's efforts

May 20, 2020 - 08:19

Actress Hồng Diễm won the Golden Kite for her performance in television series Hoa Hồng Trên Ngực Trái (Rose on Left Chest) last week.


Hồng Diễm with her Golden Kite for best actress. Photo

Actress Hồng Diễm won the Golden Kite for her performance in television series Hoa Hồng Trên Ngực Trái (Rose on Left Chest) last week. 

It was her first award for her ten-year career in the film industry. 

Việt Nam Net reporter Hà Lan interviews the actress about the award and her career. 


How did you feel winning the Golden Kite for best actress?

I'm moved because it is the first award in my career. It also surprised me a lot. I did not think that the leading role in a television series would win me the award. 

I'm happy. I want to thank the judges, the crew and the fans for recognising my efforts. 

I was a model before I became an actress. It's taken me a long time to gain success in film. 

How will your work be promoted after the award?

I think that winning an award is not just about talent because you also need some luck. I was the luckiest among the nominees at the Gold Kite awards. 

I try my best to perform but I am never satisfied. I think that I just complete my roles. I always think that if I have had a chance to do it again I would have done better.  

This award encourages me and also challenges me. I have to work harder in different types of roles. 


Hồng Diễm (right) and Ngọc Quỳnh (left) in a scene from the series Hoa Hồng Trên Ngực Trái (Rose in Left Chest). They won the Golden Kites for best actress and best actor. Photo

You are popular for roles which have similar characteristics? Why is that?

I have never been asked to perform the role of a strong character or a gangster. I think directors want me in roles they know I can play, so I haven't had much choice.

Normally, I perform the role of a woman who accepts her fate, but sometimes this type of role bores me. I like performing a role that is different and my part in Rose on Left Chest gave me that chance.

I like the role and can sympathise with the character. I understand what she has to endure and why she finds it difficult to get a divorce.

When a couple does not have children a divorce is simple and easy. On the contrary, that all changes and their decision is much harder when they have children.

Divorced women in the series finally find a happy ending. Do you think the divorced women in real life are as lucky as the series?

Not every woman is lucky like the women in the series, but I think are similar situations in real life.

Filmmakers always want a happy ending for the lead role, and so do audiences.

Real life may not be like that. But in film, the audience wants a happy ending for the lead role because the character deserves happiness.

A fairytale ending is something many women dream of in real life. That's fair enough. I think that this role inspires women to be stronger and overcome their difficulties.

If you have to make a choice what will your priority be, family or work?

My priority is my family. However, now I have more time for my work because my children are grown up. I had my first child when I was 26 and the second four years later.

They took up a lot of time! I only filmed projects that were shot in Hà Nội because I didn’t want to leave my family for a long time.

You are a guest artist in the current series Những Ngày Không Quên (Unforgettable Days) about the COVID-19 pandemic. Could you tell us about your role in the series?

It is a small role. I agreed to be part of the series even before I'd read the script. It was shot during social distancing.

It is good to contribute during the pandemic. It is something I'll never forget. VNS