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Music for working at home during COVID-19

Update: April, 13/2020 - 10:02
Rolf Løvland & Fionnuala Sherry, who performed in the Secret Garden collection. 

Lê Hương

As most of the world finds itself isolated with many people working from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, concentration is key to avoid distractions when work still needs to be done.

And how do you chill your mind and focus on the tasks ahead? Relaxing music of course. Here are some chill-out tunes to help you get in the zone.

Secret Garden Greatest Hits - Best Songs Secret Garden - Best Instrumental Music by Igor Krutoy

Upbeat Instrumental Work Music Background Happy Energetic Relaxing Music for Working Fast & Focus by OMR

Work at home/Beautiful Chill Mix by BLUME

Instrumental Music for Working in Office (Easy Listening) by Best Music Compilation
Concentration Music- Concentration Music for Working Fast- Concentration and Background Music by Study Music

Jazz & Bossa Music for work!!Background Cafe Music!! by Café Music BGM Channel



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