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Great hacks to make your DIY jobs easier

Update: April, 12/2020 - 14:50

With all this spare time on your hands because of COVID-19, surely this is the best time to catch up on all those DIY jobs that need doing around your home? Here are some great hacks to make your work so much easier.

1. Storage for kid’s ball toys with bungee cords

If you are in trouble with organising your kid’s balls, then you should try an ingenious system using bungee cords. The cords are firm enough to keep the balls not falling out, and stretchy enough to pull balls out. You can also use this system to store other toys.

2. Remove a stripped screw with a rubber band

Wanna remove some tripped screws? Try using a rubber band and you will find this job is like a piece of cake.

3. Rubber band clamps

If you need to hold hardwood edging until the glue is dry but don’t want to spend money for expensive tools, then you should use this spring clamp hack with a rubber band.


4. Storage pockets from pvc pipe

This piece of work will help you organise your stuffs tidily just with pvc pipe and some efforts. Draw your plan, choose a suitable pipe, measure and cut it with your saw. Connect and stack them as you planned and put it in right place. This project can be used for storing shoes, tools, toys, etc.


5. PVC pipe tool organiser

Think of reorganising your screwdrivers, chisels, files and other hand tools so you can easily find and use them, then try to make one tool organiser by yourself using pvc pipes. Prepare 2 pvc pipe of 80 cm, 1 pvc pipe of 71 cm, 2 pvc pipe of 7.5 cm, 2 bottle caps, 4 elbow joints, 25 mm clips used to hold pipe, superglue and insulation tapes.

6. Bike rack from pvc pipe

A bike rack from pvc pipe can tidy your garage perfectly. You can adjust dimensions to fit your bike wheels.

7. Remove sticky stuff using hair dryer

A hair dryer softens the adhesive under tape, stickers or decal and makes them easy to pull off.


8. Cardboard spray booth

Make a spray booth from a cardboard box so you will not be afraid if accidentally overspaying your masterpiece. Form the cardboard and apply tape to the side you choose as your base, then flip the box on its side and use tape again to secure right, left and top flaps on the back, fold the last flap down and you can start spraying.


9. Turn plastic containers into tree pots

Time to save the planet and decorate your garden. It is such a waste to just throw plastic containers away while they have so many uses. You can recycling them as pots by cutting the plastic bottle and paint it.


10. Use old sneaker to clean sandpaper

Don’t throw away your old sneakers because they are still useful. You may don’t know these old sneakers can make your sandpaper nearly new again. Start up your power sander and dust collection system, then slowly press the rubber sole of an old sneaker along the sandpaper.


11. Cut a pvc pipe with string

Another useful tip for you in case your saw is nowhere to be seen. So use a nylon mason string and you can cut the pipe just in a minute.


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