TV series about rural life a hit with local audiences

March 23, 2020 - 09:20

Television series with themes about rural life continue to be supported by local audiences, with Cô gái nhà người ta, a film by Trịnh Lê Phong, a notable example.


Cô gái nhà người ta, which airs on VTV3, has received significant public support. — Photo

HCM CITY — Television series with themes about rural life continue to be supported by local audiences, with Cô gái nhà người ta, a film by Trịnh Lê Phong, a notable example.

According to Người Lao Động (Labourer) newspaper, the series, produced by Việt Nam Television Film Centre (VFC), received positive feedback on social media after it aired on VTV3.

The show depicts life in a rural area, but the way it tells characters’ stories differ compared to previous TV series with a similar theme. It is now airing its 21st episode.

The TV show focuses on Khoa played by Đình Tú and his two best friends Cận and Viễn, played by Việt Bắc and Quang Trọng, respectively.

After Khoa graduates from school in the city, he decides to return to his hometown to pursue a homestay business but encounters challenges due to a lack of experience.

In addition to Khoa’s start-up journey and his friends, it also incorporates stories of teacher Uyên, played by Phương Anh; Mận, played by Hương Giang and Cường, Đào and Quất, played by Trọng Lân, Việt Hoa and Hoàng Du Ka, respectively.

According to film and TV experts, the TV series has successfully demonstrated youth’s desire to be wealthy as well as other hot issues, including people’s reluctance to accept challenges, environmental pollution, superstition, corruption and bribery.

The series has taken a more modern approach to reach its young audience and differs from other similar series offered by VFC.

Despite some flaws in character development, it has received significant support from the public and has brought a breath of fresh air to TV series, which had been dominated with mothers-in-law, adultery themes, and third-person dramas.

Cô gái nhà người ta reflects reality in a fresh and different light. Yên village has passionate youths and also ones who rely on money to get what they need. The film is humorous and quite entertaining, and not entirely political,” film critic Ngô Ngọc Ngũ Long said.

She added that the cast is very diverse and talented, and this has appealed to audiences. That said, how the male protagonist is portrayed is not a bright point of this film, she said.


Many experts agree that films and TV shows with rural themes attract audiences from both the South and North. However, the significant number of similar TV series based on the theme has overwhelmed the audience. This explains why some producers have skipped the theme and moved on to other topics such as young people and their busy lives in the city.

However, if the topic of rural life is done well, it can be relatable and easily draw people’s attention. “Films about rural life can create diversity,” screenwriter Đông Hoa said.

According to screenwriter Kim Ngọc, films about the southern countryside are very popular among audiences living in the Mekong Delta. For example, the TV series Con ông Hai Lúa, via the sitcom format, has received positive feedback from the audience.

In addition to Con ông Hai Lúa, Sui gia đại chiến also has its own audience, Ngọc said, explaining that relatable plots make it easier for a film to stand out from the crowd. — VNS