TV family dramas still as popular as ever

March 11, 2020 - 09:19

Even after dozens of years, family-oriented dramas continue to be supported by most TV viewers.


Đừng Bắt Em Phải Quên is the next TV drama that VTV would broadcast. Photo

HCM CITY Even after dozens of years, family-oriented dramas continue to be supported by most TV viewers.

On VTV3, two family-oriented TV dramas Nước Mắt Loài Cỏ Dại and Xin Chào Hạnh Phúc, for example, have received positive feedback from audiences.

While Nước Mắt Loài Cỏ Dại focuses on a wealthy family in Đà Lạt during the 1990s, Xin Chào Hạnh Phúc covers multiple stories of different families.

Meanwhile, VTV3 also broadcasts two series, Tiệm Ăn Dì Ghẻ, directed by Nguyễn Đức Hiếu and Nguyễn Thu, and Cô Gái Nhà Người Ta, directed by Trịnh Lê Phong.

Though the two dramas are not 100 per cent family-oriented, their relatable plots that can occur in all families have drawn significant public attention.

The director of Vietcomfilm, Nguyễn Thị Bảo Trâm, who is in charge of producing Xin Chào Hạnh Phúc TV series, said that family themes were being used in many dramas.

“This theme is relatable and can be used in many scripts. Scriptwriters need extensive knowledge if they decide to pursue other genres, particularly crime." 

Director Nhâm Minh Hiền agreed, saying that the topic of family contains varying emotions from its members.

“Resentment, love and hatred can be reflected in family dramas. The audience loves this genre, as many feel connected with the theme, and cry and laugh with the characters in these dramas. I am sure the family theme will never get old,” he said.

Despite a decrease in the number of TV dramas compared to the golden period for such shows, the topic of family continues to dominate the movie pie, according to experts.

The craze for this genre reached its peak in 2019 after the introduction of Về Nhà Đi Con.

Though Về Nhà Đi Con’s storyline might seem familiar to the majority of viewers, how actors and actresses in the series go about their characters have impressed the audience.

Other notable family series include Tiếng Sét Trong Mưa, Gạo Nếp Gạo Tẻ, Sống Chung Với Mẹ Chồng, Nàng Dâu Order, Bán Chồng, Đánh Cắp Giấc Mơ, Sống Gượng, and Ráng Chiều Ấm Áp.

In the time to come, Vua Bánh Mỳ by director Nguyễn Phương Điền and Giọt Máu Vô Hình by director Nhâm Minh Hiền are expected to take the public by storm.

Recipe for success 

Many production units and directors have agreed that plots like the family genre are more acceptable to the mass audience.

Director of Mega HS Vũ Thị Bích Liên said that most screenwriters were reluctant to write about topics that are not about real life.

TV drama Sống Gượng was based on the life of writer Lê Tuyết and Đánh Cắp Giấc Mơ was inspired by an article.

Despite the advantages, family dramas are not always successful because of a lack of quality scripts, experienced directors and skilled actors.

Hiền and Liên both noted that family dramas should be realistic so the audience can easily accept the story and that production sets should be improved. 

Experts agree that if a family drama incorporates elements of the criminal genre, its chances of success could be much higher. VNS