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Choreographer to release training series on YouTube

Update: March, 11/2020 - 07:08


Vietnamese dances by choreographer Lê Việt in a TV show on the HCM City Television (HTV). The dances are featured in a series of videos produced by choreographer Việt which will be released on YouTube next week. Photo courtesy of the producer

HCM CITY  A series of videos featuring dances Múa Cùng Lê Việt (Dance with Lê Việt), choreographed and produced by Lê Việt, will be released on YouTube next week.

Múa Cùng Lê Việt  features Vietnamese folk and contemporary dances as well as. breakdance and popping.

The series also includes basic training by choreographer Việt and his staff.


Young dancers of the Phương Việt Dance Troupe. Photo courtesy of Phương Việt Entertainment Company

The first video will feature Vietnamese folk dances that originated from the Mekong River Delta provinces.

Việt said he spent several months in production.

“I spent my own money to produce and release the series Múa Cùng Lê Việt. I hope to help amateur dancers and others to learn how to dance,” said Việt in an interview with media before releasing the series.

“My dances and training in the series are the results of my 17 years of experience,” said Việt, managing director and art director of  the Phương Việt Entertainment Company, which owns the Phương Việt Dance Troupe, one of the city’s leading private dance troupes.


Young dancers of the Phương Việt Dance Troupe. Photo courtesy of Phương Việt Entertainment Company

“I have researched documents and textbooks used for students at the HCM City School of Dance to complete my training in the videos. I hope to introduce Vietnamese dances to people through YouTube.”  

“I decided to release my videos this month because I wanted to encourage people to dance at home to improve their physical and mental health amid the coronavirus outbreak,” he said.    

Việt began his career as a choreographer in 2015 after several years as a dancer.

Besides working with dance groups, he has produced music and song programmes and dance shows for television stations in the southern provinces, including HCM City Television (HTV).

He launched the Phương Việt Dance Troupe in 2003, attracting more than 30 dancers. His dancers have toured in 22 countries and territories.

His new project featuring Vietnamese dances will be aired on HTV in April. VNS

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