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Việt Nam Idol runner-up releases new album

Update: April, 11/2018 - 08:00
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Hoàng Quyên, the runner up in Việt Nam Idol 2012, has released her third album entitled Sóng Hấp Dẫn (Attractive Wave). The album was made over the course of two years in  the first co-operation effort between the singer and composers Đỗ Bảo and Võ Thiện Thanh.

Six years after participating in Việt Nam Idol, singer Hoàng Quyên has released critically acclaimed musical productions, including her first liveshow in 2015. But the alto singer has not hurried to make her name popular with big hits like many other emerging singers.

The new album is also a part of a project in 2018 that will see her release an extended-play record and perform her second liveshow.

Singer Hoàng Quyên spoke about the album and her perspective on career development.

What is new in the second album of your career?

I’m lucky to work with two popular composers Đỗ Bảo and Võ Thiện Thanh. They are very different from each other. Their music styles seem not to have any relations but they inspire each other.

The most interesting is Bảo orchestrating Thanh’s songs and on the other hand Thanh working with Bảo’s songs. The music is mainly pop mixed with other genres such as jazz, electronic and traditional electronic music. Our music integrates and attracts other forms.


Were you afraid of losing your own perspective amid the music styles of your collaborators?

I’m eager to know about how our music will attract listeners. When I make music I never think about focusing on what audiences will think or who will listen because just making music is wonderful.

I could not make this album by myself. I am a music story teller merging the two music styles into a single creation. The composers are typical of the north and the south of Việt Nam.

I think it is a chance for us to show off our power, making listeners understand about our music production. It is not only for the listeners to know about Hoàng Quyên or any other individual.


Is it accurate to say that in your efforts to attract listeners and gain popularity, you’re choosing to walk instead of run?

Recently, I read an analysis that I liked. It said that we need to make a distinction between the two phrases "music scene" and "music market". I prefer "music scene". A musician making music for the market must calculate how to work with trends to satisfy contemporary listeners. But in this model the ability to meet demand lasts for a very short time, even just a few days. 

I think that the purpose of art is to create truthful value. That is why I always want to try my best to make the best things. I just want to make the best music productions.

I think that artists should be music trend setters, not only indulge listeners’ pre-existing tastes. At present, listeners almost enjoy music that is ready-made, not creative. The listeners should have the chance to enjoy much better music productions.


Your album sells for VNĐ499,00 (US$22) which is higher than others by A-list singers and favourite popular singers. How many copies have you sold?

Surprisingly, 800 copies of the total 1,000 were ordered in the first day of distribution. We are going to make more. It is really a good sign. But it is small number against my investment in the album and my team’s efforts during the last two years. I wish to get money back to reinvest into next production. I dare not think about the profit.

Composer Bảo worried about the album price when I decided to choose this price. Actually, for a while I dared not think about the high price but when I finished the album I began to think about the price.

Please listen to discover the fine profundity of Bảo’s music and fresh energy of Thanh’s music. My work is to play with their music. I think that I need to work on behalf of my team to evaluate our production. I believe that it is a rewarding album to put on your music player.

You work with two composers who have won been recognised with the Devotion Music Awards and Làn Sóng Xanh (Blue Wave) Awards. Do you aim for an award or a hit at least?

I have to say that after Việt Nam Idol 2012 I believe strongly in luck. I’m always not lucky with awards by voting. I don’t know where my hit is. It is not that I don’t want to have a hit. But sometimes I think that a hit is not necessarily a good song. Obviously, there are good songs, highly appreciated by the profession, but not necessarily loved by listeners.

But the fact that composers Bảo and Thanh have many songs proves that a hit and a good song can be one. I think that everything in life also depends on luck. I’m trying my best and also waiting for my luck. — VNS

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