Thái people of Tân Kỳ keeping handloom fabric weaving alive

October 01, 2022 - 09:12
Tân Kỳ's Thái women labour long hours in the fields and even longer hours at the handloom during their spare time.

NGHỆ AN — The ethnic Thái people who call Tân Kỳ District in Nghệ An Province home have a colourful history and distinctive culture. In preserving handloom weaving, this community produces a plethora of unique souvenirs.

Tân Kỳ is home to a large community of Thái ethnic women who make a living crafting fabrics on handloom. VNA/VNS Photos Bích Huệ
Tân Kỳ's handloom fabric garments are vibrant and inspired by nature.

Tân Kỳ's Thái women labour long hours in the fields and even longer hours at the handloom during their spare time.

Tân Kỳ's Thái ladies are known for their weaving expertise, which has resulted in a wide variety of stunning designs.

Their weaving pieces are made using time-honoured techniques, with brightly coloured and intricately patterned textiles that are infused with the ideals of nature and cultural identity.

The green colour of the trees, the pink colour of the flowers, and the vivid yellow colour of the sun are all easily discernible on the smooth, cold, and silky fabric of this area's fabric items.

The Thái community in Tân Kỳ, Nghệ An is proud to maintain the age-old craft of handloom weaving.

Over the past few years, handloom fabric items have risen to prominence at Tân Kỳ as a result of an increase in online sales and transactions on e-commerce platforms.

Promotions on Zalo, Facebook, and digital transactions have allowed Thái weavers of handloom fabric goods, including skirts, duvet covers, pillows, towels, and bags, to reach customers all throughout the country and even the world.

A customer is trying on a handloom fabric scarf of Tân Kỳ.

Reviving and maintaining the Thái handloom weaving craft in Tân Kỳ not only helps to strengthen the country's cultural identity but also improves the locals' standard of living. VNS