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The ministry of health issues registration number for Vsmart Vfs-510 ventilator

Update: June, 24/2020 - 16:16


On June 20, 2020, the Ministry of Health issued Decision No. 2591/QD-BYT on the official issue of a registration number for Vsmart VFS-510 ventilator developed by Vinsmart Research and Manufacture Joint Stock Company of Vingroup. Thanks to licenses from the Ministry of Health, Vingroup will be able to start mass production and supply its ventilators to the domestic market as well as readily export these ventilators to promptly meet treatment demand for COVID-19 as the world is witnessing a widespread outbreak of this pandemic.

Vsmart VFS-510 is the first "made in Viet Nam" ventilator model to be officially recognised by the Ministry of Health. The product has undergone independent quality tests and practical clinical assessments by top hospitals such as Bach Mai Hospital, 103 Military Hospital, Vinmec, etc., under close supervision and control of leading specialist doctors and experts.

Test results show that VFS-510 completely meets the criteria for quality, safety and operability of the Ministry of Health as well as complies with legal provisions.

The Vsmart VFS-510 invasive ventilator is developed based on PB560 model of Medtronic that has been widely used in Viet Nam, of which, 70% of component assemblies are researched and domestically manufactured by Vingroup, including key and complicated component assemblies such as blowers, circuit boards (PCBA, power supply, etc.) whereas the keyboard, display, case, battery, etc., are self-manufactured by Vingroup as well.

Thanks to its compact design featuring six flexible ventilation modes, suitable for adult and pediatric patients and patients requiring invasive or non-invasive ventilation, VFS-510 suits various treatment requirements. It not only meets urgent COVID-19 treatment demand but also supports other permanent treatment requirements at health facilities.

Right after getting licenses from the Ministry of Health, Vingroup immediately started mass production of this ventilator. It is estimated that the first batch of this product will be launched on June 26, 2020 and immediately delivered to the Embassy of Russia and Ukraine under the ventilator donation agreement signed on May 6, 2020. Vingroup previously delivered this ventilator model to these countries for required quality tests.

Mastering invasive ventilator manufacture technologies in a short time not only proves the effort and dedication of Vingroup to the community but also shows its potential and competence in developing technologies in the future ./.

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