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KIS Vietnam Empowers its broker consultants with FiinTrade Platform

Update: January, 13/2020 - 14:04

On January 8th, 2020, KIS Vietnam Securities Corporation (KIS) has partnered with  FiinGroup JSC to equip KIS’s broker consultants with FiinTrade Platform by FiinGroup with an aim to improve KIS securities services.

Vietnam’s stock market has been through over two decades of development with rapid expansion of market size. Currently, the number of investors has reached more than 2.3 million accounts, including nearly 30,000 foreign investors' accounts. Additionally, there are about 5,000 brokers working in securities companies and thousands of independent brokers.

However, the main differentiation amongst securities companies lies in the quality of research, investment advisory and margin loans to its customers.

According to a survey by FiinGroup with the customers of 10 largest securities companies in Vietnam, online transactions currently accounts for 85% of trading order execution. The remaining 15% is executed through telephones or direct order at the trading floors like 10 years ago.

In the digital era, information system and supporting tools for brokers and investment consultants become increasingly important to improve the efficiency of brokerage consultancy for customers. That investing in systems and knowledge for broker consultants can be a way to keep talented employees amid tough competition in the financial service industry.

KIS Vietnam Securities Company (KIS) was established in December 2010. Currently, KIS is in the Top 10 securities in Vietnam by market share. KIS Vietnam receives the strong support from KIH Group with over 30 years of experience in the financial field and a team of outstanding experts in the field of securities trading, investment banking, research analysis and information technology.

In 2020, KIS Vietnam plans to increase its charter capital to expand business, focus on new lending products and futures products that matches with the market conditions. At the same time, KIS also decides to invest more in technology and service systems in order to upgrade online trading system to ensure quick safe and convenient transactions, construct diverse trading systems to better meet the need of foreign customers, especially Korean ones.

The Brokerage and Securities Services continue to be the main pillar of KIS and with medium and long-term strategic vision of continued investing and upgrading the system to improve Brokers’ competitiveness and better support customers with information, KIS has officially cooperated with FiinGroup to empower KIS Broker consultants with FiinTrade platform.

“Investors are no longer completely dependent on brokers and they have higher requirements on brokers for information provided and effective investment advisory. The transfer from traditional brokers to professional customer consultants is indispensable. Therefore, when FiinTrade Platform was launched, we were immediately impressed by its features with user-friendly interface, aggregate information and especially in English and Vietnamese languages. I firmly believe that using FiinTrade platform, broker team of KIS Vietnam will be more professional and work more effectively! After equipping KIS's brokers with FiinTrade platform, we will consider the possibility of providing it for foreign customers who are trading at KIS Vietnam, too!”, Mr Lee Hun Woo – Operations Manager, KIS Vietnam Securities informed.

Ms. Trang Truong, Senior Managing Director, Financial Information, FiinGroup shared:Currently, international information and data system such as Bloomberg and Eikon are too expensive and have not been Vietnamized to meet Vietnamese users’ need. Moreover, Vietnam’s stock market has been dominating by individual investors who account for 70% transaction value. They haven’t been supported by a useful, independent and multidimensional information system that can support analysis and investment or trading decision making. Therefore, FiinTrade is developed to serve Vietnamese investors and its features are designed to meet their need.”

FiinTrade is a trading information and analytics platform for brokers, investors and traders in Vietnam Stock Market. The system is designed and developed by FiinGroup - a Vietnam’s leading provider of financial data, business information, industry research and other data-driven analytics services.

FiinTrade Platform comes with useful features to watch the market from different aspects including money flow, in-depth market, top breakthrough with real time connection with exchanges via leased lines which same speed as trading system applied for securities companies. Additionally, FiinTrade also provides an effective unusual trading alert system to help investors identify investment opportunities as quickly as possible. FiinTrade also provides stock rating and quick analysis function to help investors quickly identify good stocks in accordance with investment strategies and minimize risks. Learn more about FiinTrade at:


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