Along with the Golden Bridge, these are the surrealistic architectural masterpieces of Ba Na Hills

May 23, 2023 - 09:20
After the world-famous Golden Bridge, Ba Na Hills continues to amaze visitors with beautiful structures that seem to come from a surrealistic world.

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Helios Waterfall - "The feast of the gods on top of Chua mountain"

That's a poetic but accurate description of the Helios Waterfall at the Beer Plaza square in Sun World Ba Na Hills.

At first glance, you might think you're looking at a corner of the Grand Cascade, the largest fountain system at the Peterhof Palace on the southwest coast of St. Petersburg.

And you're not entirely wrong, as that's also part of the inspiration for the Helios Waterfall. But Sun Group and Frilli, the famous Italian sculpture dynasty specializing in bronze casting and marble carving with more than 150 years of history, have taken this statue complex to a different level of artistic expression.

They invited Susan Leyland, a world-renowned sculptor who spent her entire life creating horse sculptures, to craft the central statue cluster, the sun god Helios on a chariot pulled by five horses. When you admire this statue cluster, you'll feel like the horses are in motion, galloping fiercely and leaping forward. In stillness, there is motion; in motion, there is stillness. The supreme art of sculpture, along with the delicate use of color in each movement of the statue, makes this cluster unique.

Over 40 life-sized bronze statues, resembling real people, recreate famous works of art preserved in major museums around the world. They were created using the traditional techniques of the Frilli family and adorned with a royal gold-tone alloy. This is the first time that Frilli Gallery has researched and applied this type of alloy. The wine god Bacchus, the intellectual beauty of the Apollo Belvedere, seven beautiful goddesses surrounding the sun god Helios, including Venus de Medici gently covering her chest, currently preserved in Florence; Venus Frejus wearing a thin cloak and revealing only one breast; Venus Bathing by Christophe - Gabriel Allegrain displayed at the Louvre Museum in France; Venus Kallipygos - the maiden admiring her own hip - currently placed at the National Archaeological Museum of Naples; and Venus Fiorenza. "The gathering of the gods on top of Chua mountain" takes visitors into the Greek legend in a very elegant and exciting way.

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The Luna Castle - Lost in the Land of Fairy TalesReleased in 2022, the Luna Castle is a perfect addition to the story of the Land of Giants in Ba Na Hills, where there are two kingdoms, the Sun Kingdom and the Moon Kingdom, with contrasting personalities. While the Sun Kingdom is lively and vibrant with festivals throughout the year, the Moon Kingdom is somewhat mysterious and quiet. In this enchanting and mysterious land, the Luna Castle is the center of attention.

On days when Ba Na Hills is shrouded in clouds, the castle appears and disappears, with its sharp peaks rising in the fluffy white clouds, and its stone walls resembling ancient fortresses from the Middle Ages. This mysterious beauty captivates tourists and leads them on a journey through fairy tales, from the Moon Square, the common living space of the residents of this magical land, to the Dragon Cave, Wolf Cave, and the residence of the Moon Queen - Luna Queen, where the divine people live in harmony and have a special allure.

Deep inside that mysterious castle is a world of entertainment as beautiful as dreams, taking visitors on a journey through the world's leading virtual reality technology at the "Flying Eye" theater or experiencing multisensory effects at the airship 4D cinema "Moon Intersection". Once you have ventured into that world, flying through the Milky Way, touching the iconic cities and destinations of the world, perhaps you will want to become a resident of the Moon Kingdom, to live forever in that fairy tale castle.

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Eclipse Square - the magical bridge between two lands

Originally a space intended to connect the Sun Kingdom to the world of the Moon Kingdom, Eclipse Square unexpectedly became a hot check-in spot in Ba Na Hills thanks to its high-level artistic architecture.

With three main areas - the square, retail area, and restaurant area - spanning over 60,000m2, Eclipse Square offers all the high-class experiences that can only be found in the world's largest squares combined: architecture, art, majestic nature, unique landscapes, cuisine, and bustling life.

The most impressive feature is the giant glass pyramid tower with a unique architectural style that can easily remind visitors of the famous Louvre Museum. In particular, this area also stands out with a sculpture garden of 20 works depicting the most important goddesses in Greek mythology such as Hestia - goddess of the hearth, Hebe - the goddess of youth, the youngest daughter of Zeus and Hera; Artemis - goddess of hunting, twin sister of Apollo, the most revered figure of ancient Greece.

From Eclipse Square, visitors can admire the majestic beauty of nature, enjoy panoramic views of Luna Castle, and create immortal selfies. In the future, this will also be the venue for many events, festivals, or unique shows that Sun World Ba Na Hills is planning to launch soon.

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