Hanoi French Hospital granted expanded operating license to increase its medical services offering and hospital capacity

May 18, 2023 - 13:44
Hanoi, 11 May 2023 – Associate Professor, Ph.D. Luong Ngoc Khue, Director of the Department of Medical Service Administration, Ministry of Health, people’s physician, Vice Chairman of the Vietnam Medical Council officially granted the Decision by the Ministry of Health to Hanoi French Hospital (HFH) on adjustments to the operating licence which allows the Hospital to expand its medical service offering and the hospital capacity to 170 in-patient beds.

This is an important milestone for HFH’s further growth as it celebrates the 25th Anniversary of providing first class healthcare to the Vietnamese and expatriate community in Ha Noi and Northern Vietnam.

Associate Professor Ph.D. Luong Ngoc Khue, Director of the Department of Medical Service Administration, Ministry of Health officially granted the Decision by the Ministry of Health to Hanoi French Hospital.

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Speaking at the Ceremony, Nicolas Warnery said: “2023 marks the 50th year anniversary of diplomatic relations between France and Viet Nam. I highly appreciate the contributions of Hanoi French Hospital in strengthening the co-operation of the two countries in healthcare, such as recruiting talented French-speaking Vietnamese doctors and graduate students, corporations with training units and big hospitals in Ha Noi in information exchange and professional sharing."

To represent the Ministry of Health at the Ceremony, People's physician, Associate Professor Ph.D. Luong Ngoc Khue said: “The Ministry of Health highly appreciates efforts by Hanoi French Hospital in applying innovative technology and recruiting talented medical professionals in Viet Nam and from other countries to provide international standard medical care."

Hanoi French Hospital launched this expansion project with the ambition of meeting the increasing demand for truly international standard healthcare of a fast-growing Vietnamese middle class along with a growing number of expatriates and foreign visitors in Ha Noi and Northern Vietnam.

In 2019, the 7-floor Inpatient building was put into operation, with state-of-the-art inpatient facilities, the latest technology and medical equipment in a unique European-style ambiance. In 2022, after COVID-19 pandemic-related delays, the refurbishment of the Outpatient and A&E building, with a dedicated Health Check Center was completed.

In December 2022, the hospital was honoured to be accredited with the “Green Energy 5 Star” Certificate by the Department of Industry and Trade in recognition of the hospital’s efforts in being “green” in every aspect of operations.

With this full range of service facilities in place, Hanoi French Hospital is truly the premium European hospital in the center of Ha Noi, serving discerning local and international communities in Northern Vietnam.

Mr. Jef Peeters, CEO of Hanoi French Hospital, said: “We are proud of over 25 years of track record of trusted first-class healthcare for many families and corporates. The new license that we commemorated today at our launch event is a key step in allowing Hanoi French Hospital to move forward serving more and more people who want international standard healthcare at their convenience. We will continue to bring in talented internationally trained doctors, local and foreign, who will continue to work side by side, sharing the commitment and values of providing First class healthcare to the wider local and expatriate community in Viet Nam”.

Dr. Erwan Debuc, HFH’s Chief Medical Officer (male doctor on the right side of the photo) discussed with experienced and internationally trained doctors of Hanoi French Hospital

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Commitment to “First Class Healthcare”

Hanoi French Hospital is well poised for a new phase of growth with the consistent delivery of “First class healthcare you deserve” as the reaffirmed commitment of the hospital since its inception. Accordingly, safe and quality medical care is at the core of bringing "First class Health care". We continue to enhance our medical competencies through continuous improvement of medical projects under our Medical Strategy Plan, led by Dr. Erwan Debuc, the Chief Medical Officer who has a solid professional and leadership background and exposure to international healthcare best practices. 

To continue growing HFH’s Specialty medical care while continuing to align with our patient centric care model, the main thrusts of the HFH Medical Strategy Plan will be:

1.     An absolute primary focus on bringing international standard quality and safety of care and patient–centered experience.

2.     An integrated Mother & Child care path including comprehensive medical treatment and care dedicated to aspiring and young families. It covers from fertility assistance through pregnancy monitoring with issue management to newborn care and pediatrics for the child's well-being and parents’ peace of mind.

3.     Deepen Internal medicine specialties with the setting up additional expertise centers for prevention, diagnosis and therapy with a particular focus on vascular disease including stroke and myocardial infracts, sleep disorders including sleep apnea, neurological conditions of aging including Parkinson’s disease and tremors, cardiology including syncope center and cardiac rhythm disorders.

4.     Strengthen surgical activities in a unique operating room environment, meeting the highest international standards with a team of experienced anesthesiologists to ensure the best safety for our patients and comfort (pain management) for our patients. The hospital consolidates surgical activities around specialization in the management of trauma patients with our orthopedic traumatology center, management of back pain with the spinal pathology center, adult & pediatric ENT, comprehensive medico-surgical care of hepatic diseases, stomach and colorectal disease screening and therapeutic center.

Central to the hospital is the dedication and competency of HFH’s A&E Department catering to 24/7 medical needs for adults, infantile and obstetrical with an exclusive offer of emergency physicians trained in France.

On the occasion of the launch event of the expanded hospital, Hanoi French Hospital introduced a healthcare promotion campaign under the theme “First Class Healthcare for Ha Noi” as a confirmation of our commitment to first-class healthcare. Details of the program is in here.

Please visit our website: www.hfh.com.vn, FB Fanpage Bệnh viện Việt Pháp Hà nội for more information about us.