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At Sun World, Mother Nature is always the star of the show

Update: June, 18/2019 - 14:43

Sunworld Fansipan Legend

Families throughout Vietnam and international visitors are flocking to Sun World complexes, not just for the world-class entertainment and fun-filled activities, but also to admire the spectacular scenery. 

From the cloud-covered peak of Fansipan Mountain in Sapa to the magnificent Halong Bay; from the lush paradise of Ba Na Hills to the stunning beaches of Danang or Phu Quoc — there’s no denying each of the five Sun World Complexes in Vietnam is a neighbour to great natural beauty. 

When first mapping out their vision, Sun Group — Vietnam’s premier developer of luxury tourism projects and entertainment complexes — knew they wanted to create world class theme parks and entertainment complexes in some of the country’s most incredible locations. But the plan was not simply just to ‘entertain’. They also wanted to add something truly magical to each of these iconic destinations. In many cases, people can scarcely believe what they have managed to achieve. 

“A cable car to the top of Fansipan? We couldn’t imagine that such a thing was possible when we first heard about it,” says Hoang Kim, a mother of two from Hanoi. “When my husband and I showed our kids a video of the cable car climbing to the top, they begged us to take them to Sapa.” 

When they travelled to Sapa, the cable car ride, which set multiple world records upon opening, didn’t disappoint. “Everyone loved it. Riding the cable car was like being in a dream for my kids. They were wide-eyed with wonder as they gazed out at the incredible scenery all around. My husband was also greatly impressed at the scale of the engineering project. It’s truly impressive.”

Sunworld Da Nang Wonder

Clean and green 

“My kids were fascinated when they were told about the “Spider Men” of Fansipan, the cable car technicians who hang around the cliffs, not just to monitor and maintain the systems, but also to collect garbage that tourists and backpackers had left behind over many years in Hoang Lien Son Forest,” says Kim. “Even in bad weather, and despite the treacherous conditions, they still do their job every week to make Hoang Lien Son more green and clean. It’s a big lesson for our kids. We all have to do our bit to protect the environment in Vietnam.” 

The more they learned about the cable car system, the more they were amazed. “We also read that many of the engineers and contractors lived in the forest for 800 days, at times carrying stones, cables, tools, and everything else they needed up the slopes of Fansipan,” says Kim. 

This was in fact the only solution. “Sun Group made it clear from the beginning that they would only pursue this project if they could construct it without destroying the forest. It must have been back breaking work to connect the departure station to the arrival station using only manpower, but they did it,” says Kim. “To protect the unique natural setting in Hoang Lien Son, the workers literally inched their way, day by day, and put the cable-car system together piece by piece. They crossed ravines, streams and waterfalls and in some cases faced life-threatening situations. They must have been so brave.”  

Flower power at Sun World

Kim added that much credit must be given to Sun Group for making the protection of the environment a priority. “When we arrived at Sun World Fansipan Legend, the timing was wonderful — there was an annual festival celebrating rhododendrons, a rare species of flower native to Hoang Lien,” says Kim. 

This spring, Sun World Ba Na Hills — located in Central Vietnam overlooking Danang — also left a deep impression on tourists from Vietnam and overseas with a stunning display of bell-shaped peach blossoms (Ericcaceae). Sun World Danang Wonders in the city centre is known as “Danang’s Green Lung” thanks to its green design which features small lakes, large meadows and thousands of trees.

“As a Vietnamese person, I am proud to see that Sun World complexes are not solely focused on offering entertainment — they are also places where we can feel refreshed and be inspired by the beauty of nature. As the air can be quite bad in Hanoi these days, my husband and I won’t ever hesitate to book holidays to Sun World, where are kids can breathe in clean air and enjoy a fresh environment.”

Friendly services

At each Sun World, visitors won’t just be impressed by the green, clean ethos but also the kind, personable service. “Everyone working at Sun World says ‘hello’ or ‘xin chao’. They also smile or bow. These are small, simple gestures but they mean a lot to tourists. No matter how busy the complex is, every member of staff takes the time to greet all visitors and take care of us individually. Tourism is developing so fast in Vietnam and in many popular holiday destinations, sometimes I think people forget to treat each with tenderness. But at Sun World, you can see that customer service is also a priority.” 

“My friend who was visiting Vietnam from London was impressed by the world class services at Sun World Ba Na Hills as they featured access aisles and toilets for disabled people, which are unfortunately not so common in Vietnam,” says Kim. “Throughout Vietnam we need to upgrade and modernise facilities and infrastructure and deliver world class tourism services and products all while protecting the environment to ensure these developments are sustainable. It’s a great  challenge but that is how we will create a harmonious society. I am delighted that I found a sense of joy and harmony at Sun World and I look forward to taking my kids to see the other complexes. They’re so excited to ride the cable-car over the sea from Phu Quoc to Hon Thom! But I am hoping that this summer, we can take the cable car to Sun World Ba Na Hills first, so I can see the Golden Bridge!”   

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