TCP Vietnam takes firm steps towards environmental energization and sustainable development

May 15, 2024 - 15:32
Inheriting core values from the TCP Group, TCP Viet Nam is earnestly demonstrating efforts on the journey to contribute positive values to the sustainable development of Viet Nam.

Marking the effort to create positive value for Viet Nam’s natural resources, the tree planting programme “TCP - The Journey for a Green Viet Nam” strongly affirms the purpose of “Energising a Better World for All” with one of the 3 key strategies “Caring - Energising the Environment” relentlessly pursued by TCP Group.

Highlighting the practicality of this new initiative in the Viet Namese market, Arjaree Suwangool, Global Corporate Affairs & Communication Director of TCP Group, shared comprehensive insights into the company’s commitment to promoting sustainable development for the economy, society, and the environment.

Under the TCP Group’s “Caring - Energising the Environment” strategy the TCP Spirit programme has been successfully implemented in Thailand. Can you please share more about the specific activities and outstanding results of the programme?

“TCP Spirit” is one of the important programmes towards realising the “Caring” mission of the TCP Group. The programme focuses on educating and raising awareness among the younger generation, leading to long-term and positive changes for the environment.

For instance, in Thailand, the programme “Nursing The River Basin” has inspired over 100 volunteers to learn about the importance of water resource management in daily life and agriculture. Another meaningful programme under TCP Spirit is “Doctor Tree in Chiang Mai”. Through close-to-nature outdoor activities, this programme has nurtured the love of hundreds of young people for the plant world and raised awareness about protecting large trees in the natural environment.

Within the framework of the TCP Spirit programme, Doctor Tree In Chiang Mai is one of the successful initiatives that inspire the community towards a green lifestyle, aimed at protecting the environment.

Continuing the effort to ‘energise the environment’ of TCP Group, on April 10, I had the honour of joining TCP Viet Nam in the tree-planting ceremony launch as part of the ‘TCP - The Journey for a Green Viet Nam’ programme.

The programme, organised by the TCP Group and TCP Viet Nam in collaboration with the Centre for Natural Resource and Environmental Communication under the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, the Ba Ria – Vung Tau Provincial Youth Union, and the Ba Ria - Vung Tau Forest Protection Department, aims to contribute to the goals of protecting the ecological environment, natural landscape and mitigating the negative impacts of climate change.

TCP Group and TCP Viet Nam donated 2,700 ironwood trees to the Bình Châu – Phước Bửu Nature Reserve

What is special about the ‘TCP - The Journey for a Green Viet Nam’ programme compared to TCP Spirit? How do you evaluate the impact of the programme on the environment in the Xuyen Moc district area, Ba Ria-Vung Tau province and Viet Nam?

The ‘TCP - The Journey for a Green Viet Nam’ programme inherits the spirit of TCP Spirit to bring positive values to the environment. When planning the programme, we conducted research and made adjustments to suit the Viet Namese market. The project aims to plant 2,700 ironwood trees in the protected forest area of Ba Ria - Vung Tau province to actively promote the protection of the nation’s forests in particular and Viet Nam’s precious natural resources in general. Concurrently, the programme also organises seminars with the participation of representatives from various ministries and sectors to raise company employees’ awareness about Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) and the goal of achieving net-zero emissions.

The leadership of the TCP Group, with Ms. Arjaree Suwangool on the right, participated in tree planting, contributing to the ‘green shield’ for protected forests in Viet Nam

I expect that the ‘TCP - The Journey for a Green Viet Nam’ programme, with the collaboration of the Centre for Natural Resources and Environmental Communication under the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, the Ba Ria - Vung Tau Provincial Youth Union, and the Ba Ria - Vung Tau Forest Protection Department, will serve as a stepping stone for closer cooperation between businesses and relevant agencies. This cooperation aims to implement practical initiatives that further energises the environment and promote sustainable development, aligning with the values that TCP Spirit specifically and the TCP Group as a whole always strives for.

‘TCP - The Journey for a Green Viet Nam’ facilities the leaders of the TCP Group and the employees of TCP Viet Nam to contribute their part in the effort to protect the environment

Besides the TCP Spirit programme, how has the ‘caring’ strategy been implemented by TCP and how has it been applied to the Viet Namese market?

As one of Thailand's leading beverage corporations, TCP has always focused on sustainable development, and actively made positive contributions to the environment. In particular, TCP aims to achieve carbon neutrality in all operational activities by 2050. This includes developing packaging to be 100 per cent recyclable, increasing production efficiency, reducing water usage, and replenishing more water for the environment than the company uses in its operation.

Viet Nam is one of the most important and potential markets that TCP is currently investing in. We will continue to demonstrate TCP’s global values in the Viet Namese market through local initiatives and commitments to strengthen TCP’s long-term development commitment here. We have conducted research and proactively adjusted our action plan to ensure that the ‘caring’ strategy is effectively implemented and has a positive impact.

It is worth noting that TCP Viet Nam collaborated with the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and Vietcycle (VCC) to deliver a pilot project on collecting, sorting, and recycling of packaging, demonstrating the company’s commitment to adhere to requirements for recycling rates and procedures for its products under the Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR). This collaboration is one of our important steps to ensure environmental protection throughout TCP’s operational process.