Cainiao P.A.T. Logistics Park Welcomes Vsico Shipping as Anchor Tenant

February 16, 2023 - 09:34
HCM CITY, Viet Nam, Cainiao P.A.T. Logistics Park, operated by Cainiao Network, the logistics arm of Alibaba Group, welcomes its newest anchor tenant, VSICO Shipping Joint Stock Company ("Vsico Shipping").

HCM CITY, Viet Nam, Cainiao P.A.T. Logistics Park, operated by Cainiao Network, the logistics arm of Alibaba Group, welcomes its newest anchor tenant, VSICO Shipping Joint Stock Company ("Vsico Shipping").

The onboarding of Vsico Shipping further reinforces Cainiao P.A.T. Logistics Park's strong commitment to supporting businesses' warehousing diversification strategy as it aids Vsico Shipping in its venture into the motorcycle industry. Here, Cainiao P.A.T. will offer, 30,000 square metres of premium warehouse space to Vsico Shipping for their logistics operations, along with technical support and other services. 

Located in the southern Long An Province of Viet Nam, with a total planned land area of approximately 23 hectares, Cainiao P.A.T. Logistics Park lies along the route leading to Viet Nam's most vibrant business hubs including the Mekong Delta and HCM City – Viet Nam's economic centre.

By collaborating with Cainiao P.A.T, Vsico Shipping and their prestigious Japanese motorbike corporation client can benefit not only from the world-class logistics facilities but also from lower costs of product distribution with the possibility to further expand warehouse space and logistics volume in the near future.

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"We understand that there is a growing demand from end-users for cost-efficient and premium quality logistics solutions offered by contract logistics companies. Hence, as a logistics warehouse developer and operator, we are fully aware of the need to offer a holistic logistics warehouse solution for our clients such as Vsico Shipping. Our partnership with Vsico Shipping does not stop at warehouse space lease, but also extends to working closely with our valued client from the beginning to understand their needs in order to design the most suitable solution, handover warehouse space, and manage the property during operations. Consequently, we can ensure undisrupted and cost-efficient logistics operations offered to Vsico Shipping's end-user," said Kathy Nguyen, Head of Leasing from Cainiao Network, Vietnam.

Apart from its state-of-the-art infrastructure, Cainiao P.A.T. Logistics Park also focuses on providing superior customer services, consultation, and technical support for clients to gain a competitive edge in the industry.

With the potential long-term partnership based on mutual trust with Vsico Shipping, Cainiao P.A.T Logistics Park's warehousing facilities are poised to play a critical role in significantly bolstering the growth potential of Vsico Shipping and their blue-chip clients, allowing Vsico Shipping to better reach their target customers in HCM City, Mekong Delta, and nearby regions.

"VSICO is an important witness and participant in Viet Nam's multi-modal logistics industry. We hope to work further with VSICO and other industry players to tap into the benefits of warehouse diversification for Viet Nam's logistics and manufacturing industry, so that the logistics businesses and manufacturers go hand-in-hand," added Xing Zhang, General Manager for Vietnam at Cainiao Smart Hub.

The novel approach to a diversified warehousing strategy is in line with the industry's trend especially in the post-pandemic era as businesses are looking for more cost-effective, flexible, and scalable logistics solutions. Hence, the cooperation between Cainiao P.A.T. and Vsico Shipping is expected to generate fruitful results for both parties.

About Cainiao Network

Founded in 2013, Cainiao Network ("Cainiao") is a smart logistics company and the logistics arm of Alibaba Group. As part of its commitment to create customer value, it adopts a collaborative approach to logistics that aims to improve efficiency and customer experience for all players along the supply chain. It carries forward Alibaba's mission of making it easy to do business anywhere by aiming to deliver anywhere in China within 24 hours, and across the globe within 72 hours.

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