Basketball developing fast in Việt Nam

November 23, 2023 - 08:03
In terms of achievements, Vietnamese basketball has achieved success in recent SEA Games.


Basketballers compete in the VBA. Vietnamese basketball has seen rapid development over the past decade. — Photo


HÀ NỘI — Việt Nam has witnessed a burgeoning basketball scene that holds immense potential for growth and development.

The sport has experienced rapid development over the past 10 years, marked by significant milestones such as the establishment of the first professional club and the introduction of the Vietnamese national professional basketball league (VBA), as well as the historic gold medal win at the 32nd SEA Games.

It all began with the inception of the Saigon Heat, the first professional basketball club in 2012, which competed in the ASEAN Basketball League (ABL) and provided fans with thrilling games. Saigon Heat have not only been a platform for foreign players but has also allowed Vietnamese overseas players and domestic talents to showcase their skills.

In 2016, the Việt Nam Basketball Association (VBA) was established, playing a crucial role in the development of basketball and the identification of talented players.

In terms of achievements, Vietnamese basketball has achieved success in recent SEA Games. This includes two bronze medals at the SEA Games 30 in 2019, two silver medals at SEA Games 31 in 2022, and a gold medal at SEA Games 32 in 2023.

Nguyễn Bảo Hoàng, chairman of the Việt Nam Basketball Federation (VBF), reminisced about the challenges faced in developing basketball over a decade ago, when there were limited tournaments and playing facilities in Việt Nam. He expressed his pride in the accomplishments of the VBA, emphasising its role as a source of inspiration for young people. Additionally, Hoàng highlighted the national team development program as another model that motivates and encourages the youth.

Huỳnh Trọng Khải, deputy chairman of the VBF, also shared his delight in the progress of Vietnamese basketball. He mentioned that the VBA has successfully completed eight seasons, leading to the continuous development of domestic players. As a result of their progress, Vietnamese basketball has emerged as a formidable opponent in regional events like the SEA Games, where they were previously considered as participants for learning purposes only. VNS