Ba Bể Lake's autumn festival celebrates local culture

November 05, 2022 - 10:49
Many modern outdoor sports, such as kayaking, cycling, and paragliding, are also included in the event.

The Autumn Colours of Ba Bể Lake festival is held for the first time in Bắc Kạn Province from November 4 to 6, with the dual goals of promoting Ba Bể's tourism products to international visitors and preserving the rich ethnic cultures and the splendours of the mountainous region.

Many modern outdoor sports, such as kayaking, cycling, and paragliding, are also included in the event.

Visitors will get a taste of the local folk music and culture during this festival. Photo courtesy of Vietnam Pictorial

Additionally, the Ba Bể District arranges events to offer new local tourism products, such as the community tourism model in Yên Dương Commune, which involves harvesting rice, making sticky rice cakes, visiting the Pù Lầu bamboo forest, and enjoying local foods.

There are also introductions to sightseeing activities, community-based tourism concepts in villages around Ba Bể Lake, 'cloud hunting' on the top of Đồn Đèn mountain, the rice season in Quảng Khê Commune, and trekking in Ba Bể National Park.

Golden sunshine, crystal-clear lake, and terraced rice fields make this time of year at Ba Bể Lake the most picturesque.

This is the ideal opportunity to travel and take in all the sights that nature has entrusted to this area.

A view of Ba Bể Lake. The lake formed over 200 million years ago and is Việt Nam's most significant natural freshwater lake and one of the world's 20 great freshwater lakes that must be protected. Photo courtesy of Vietnam Pictorial

Ba Bể District is said to have a lot of potential for tourism development, especially in the Ba Bể Lake tourist area, which has attractions such as Hua Mạ Cave, Thẳm Phầy Cave, Puông Cave, and Đầu Đẳng Waterfall.

Also, there are eco-tourism areas in the region, such as Lủng Tráng and Phiêng Phàng, with a rich history, culture, and culinary origins, as well as rich agricultural goods that may form attractive tours.

Ba Bể National Park, with its natural and ecological variety, is also a popular tourist draw in Bắc Kạn. In 2019, the district attracted 61,526 tourists, including over 9,000 overseas visitors.

The Ba Bể District People's Committee has a tourist development plan from 2021 to 2025 to attract investment and help make tourism a significant economic driver in the region.

Lưu Quốc Trung, chairman of the Ba Bể District People's Committee, has said that the district's goal is to develop the Ba Bể Lake tourism area into a national tourist attraction by 2025.

Ba Bể is Việt Nam's most significant natural freshwater lake and one of the world's 20 exceptional freshwater lakes that must be conserved.

This freshwater lake is located in Ba Bể National Park, in Nam Mẫu Commune, Ba Bể District, Bắc Kạn, about 230 kilometres from Hà Nội.

The location was formed about 200 million years ago, situated between Ngân Sơn mountain and the Gâm River, and linked by three lakes: Pé Lầm, Pé Lù, and Pé Làng.

The lake has an area of 650ha and a length of up to 8km and is located at an elevation of 145m above sea level. It is bordered by limestone mountains, home to numerous caves and underground streams.

Visitors to Ba Bể Lake stop to snap photos. The freshwater lake is a popular destination for international travellers visiting Bắc Kạn Province. Photo courtesy of Vietnam Pictorial

You may visit the Ba Bể Lake tourism area at any time of the year because of its mild temperature and harmonious combination of mountains, forests, rivers, and tourist facilities. However, autumn is often considered Ba Bể Lake's most scenic season.

Canoeing around the lake, exploring the beautiful scenery along its shores, and gazing at the vibrant orchids are just a few of the many tourist attractions.

In addition, tourists may experience the unique offerings of the northeastern highlands and forests by going hiking or cycling through the twisting and winding roads, learning about the culture of the indigenous people they encounter along the way.

The Autumn Colours of Ba Bể Lake festival aims to present foreign visitors with the splendours of Ba Bể Lake and rich cultures of ethnic minorities. The festival is also designed to become an annual event in Ba Bể District. VNS