Định leads round 1 on the “path to vitory” at T99 VGA Tour Championship

December 19, 2022 - 22:03
Doãn Văn Định was the only one that had a negative score of -2 points

VĨNH PHÚC - T99 VGA Tour Championship officially kicked off today at Thanh Lanh Valley Golf & Resort, Vĩnh Phúc Province

The temporary leader of the "path to victory" on the first day was Doãn Văn Định, who was the only one that had a negative score of -2 points. Định broke out from 10th place in the order of merit and had a very stable day. He brought in 4 birdies and only 2 bogeys, placing in the first place.

Doãn Văn Định temporarily leads round 1 at T99 VGA Tour Championship. Photo VGA Tour

Thirty players with the best prize money of the 2022 professional season had an exciting day with the support of a large audience at the course and live TV viewers. Despite the erratic weather, the players performed brilliantly on the first day of competition.

In second place, two players from Korea: Park Jung Min and Brain Jung had Even Par today. Park Jung Min ended off the day with 2 birdies and 2 bogeys. Sharing the same place with Park Jung Min is Brain Jung - a rising name in the golf industry - who had an unlucky day with 4 birdies and 4 bogeys. Seventy-two is the total number of strokes that the two players got.

Notably, the first HIO award of the T99 Championship has found its owner. The award is sponsored by Lạc Hồng Construction and Investment Joint Stock Company worth VNĐ200 million and was "taken up" by Tăng Nhơn Phú at hole 14 of Thanh Lanh Valley Golf & Resort. Currently, Phú and Australian player Joel Troy are closely following the 2nd place with a record of +1 stroke.

At 6th place, Lê Việt Cường and Đỗ Hồng Giang shared a score of +2 points. Athlete Cường is currently ranked 23rd, he was 'breaking through' with 3 birdies, 3 bogeys and 1 double bogey to tie the same place with the player from Quảng Ninh, Giang - who is ranked 3rd on the order of merit.-- VNS