Joel Troy, Lina Kim named champions of DNSE Vietnam Open 2022

September 16, 2022 - 19:09
The last day of DNSE Vietnam Open 2022 has successfully taken place in a very competitive environment with ranking of the men’s divisions always changing. Golfers who were ranked 1st place on the first, second and third day did not become champions of the Vietnam Open this year.

HÀ NỘI—Joel Troy and Lina Kim became respectively the male and female champions of DNSE Vietnam Open 2022 which closed in Hà Nội’s Sky Course - Sky Lake Resort & Golf Club on Friday.

Troy bagged a prize of VNĐ180 million and Kim received VNĐ60 million.

Joel Troy and Lina Kim win the DNSE Vietnam Open 2022

The DNSE Vietnam Open 2022 was committed to supporting 100 per cent of the cost of participation for young Vietnamese amateur talents under 18 years old and opened a competition table for professional and female amateur golfers with prize money of VNĐ200 million.

VGA Tour also maintained a bonus of VNĐ1 billion for the men's group of the DNSE Vietnam Open 2022, equivalent to the bonus for many regional tournaments in the Asian Development Tour System.

After the first days of competing, Joey Troy (from Australia) ranked 5th place on the board, with a total score of +5, and seemed to ‘have no chance’ of reaching the championship cup. However, with the impressive result in Friday's round - 5, he became the Champion of DNSE Vietnam Open 2022. Excellent scores he achieved include 1 eagle, 6 birdies and only 3 bogey.

The runner-up, a young golfer coming from Việt Nam, Nguyễn Quan Trí, achieved an impressive score of even par in Friday's round, the total result after 4 rounds is +3, different by 3 points compared to the champion.

Brian Jung, a golfer from Korea, ranked third. He had ranked first on the third day but was not lucky on the last day due to his foot injury and was not able to perform at his best. Brian earned +7 on Friday’s round, with 2 birdies, 7 bogey and 1 double bogey.

Nguyễn Anh Minh and Nguyễn Nhất Long shared the fourth place, with their scores respectively being +5 and +2 in Friday's round, their total results are +7 after 4 days.

Among the top 10 of the men’s division, there are five Vietnamese young amateurs. In these tournaments, they did successfully and affirmed their abilities with determination and effort in every round.

In the ladies’ division, Lina Kim successfully protected her championship cup with the result after 4 rounds being +9 points, in Friday’s round she earned +2 points in total with 1 birdy, 1 bogey and 1 double bogey. Ngô Bảo Nghi with the result of +4 in the last round also managed to protect her runner-up position.

The DNSE Vietnam Open 2022 was the only tournament in the Vietnam Professional Golf Tournament System (VGA Tour Open) for international golfers outside of Việt Nam.

The four-day tournament marked the first time that the DNSE Securities Joint Stock Company accompanied a top sports tournament in the country.

Vietnam Open will come back next year, according to organisers. VNS