Schoolboy works hard to overcome illness

August, 20/2020 - 08:51

Nguyễn Đức Quân, a 12th grader in Hải Phòng City, is determined to make his dreams come true despite suffering from brittle bone disease (osteogenesis imperfecta).


Nguyễn Đức Quân is an example of overcoming fate. — Photo courtesy of Nguyễn Đức Quân

HẢI PHÒNG — Nguyễn Đức Quân, a 12th grader in Hải Phòng City, is determined to make his dreams come true despite suffering from brittle bone disease (osteogenesis imperfecta).

His peers at Thái Phiên High School admire the example he sets by working hard to overcome the disease and excel academically.

Osteogenesis imperfecta (OI) is a group of genetic disorders that mainly affect the bones. The term means imperfect bone formation and people with the condition can easily suffer broken bones.

Quân is very good at maths and dreams of becoming a technology engineer.

In December last year, he won first prize in Hải Phòng City’s Science and Technology Contest for a project that used internet applications to build a maths self-learning model for high school students.

Quân’s mother, Trần Thị Thập, could not hide her pride for her son's achievement.

“Quân is my first child. When he was born, he broke his left arm,” Thập recalled.

“I felt painful when Quân was diagnosed with brittle bone disease,” the mother told

At that time, Quân’s parents earned a modest income so they had to lend money from friends and relatives to bring him to many hospitals for treatment.

They also had to sell their small house for the cost of treatment in hopes of finding a miracle cure.

“However, we just received anxious eyes and sympathy of doctors,” Thập said.

“When at kindergarten age, we applied to many kindergartens for him. But he was refused because of the illness,” she recalled.

His mother had to quit her job and stay home to take care of the ill boy.

When he reached school age, although worrying for his health, his parents decided to send him to school.

The brittle bone disease made Quân weaker than his peers but he always tried not to miss any class.

His mother recalled that he was a very studious and hardworking boy.

"I knew that I just kept up with my friends when I made strong efforts," said Quân.

And he did not disappoint his parents.

During 12 years in school, Quân was recognised as an excellent student, but the disease led to incidents which hampered his efforts.

In the 9th grade, he attended a contest for excellent students. Unfortunately, he fell down in front of the examination room and broke his leg.

“At the moment, he knew his leg had a problem but he still struggled to complete the test before being admitted to the hospital,” his mother said.

In that contest, Quân got a perfect score.

The disease also makes Quân often suffer from respiratory and cardiovascular diseases, especially in cold weather.

Despite his poor health, Quân has never complained or expressed pessimism and always tries to improve his knowledge.

He has entered contests for English, maths and chess and often wins prizes.

In his teachers and peers’ eyes, Quân was a special student.

“Quân is a student with an optimistic spirit and strong energy to overcome fate,” said Phạm Thu Hà, Quân’s teacher.

Quân always wanted to be treated the same as others, the teacher said.

Sharing his learning experiences, Quân said he tried his best to study hard.

“I am more passionate about maths and want to become an engineer of information technology,” Quân said.

“I just want to have better health so that I can live like my friends and my wish is to enrol in the Faculty of Information Technology of Hà Nội University of Science and Technology.”  VNS

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