Garment workers in Thanh Hoá strike

September 08, 2017 - 17:53

About 6,000 garment workers of S&H Vina LLC in Thành Tâm Ward, Thạch Thành District have went on strike due to inhumane conditions at the company.

Nearly 6,000 workers in Thanh Hoá Province are going on a strike, asking for more favourable labour terms. – Photo
Viet Nam News

THANH HOÁ – About 6,000 garment workers of S&H Vina company in Thành Tâm Ward, Thạch Thành District have gone on strike due to what they say inhumane conditions at the company.

The work stoppage began on Wednesday after a factory manager told workers not to sleep on sheets used to cover stock during their breaks. 

Protesting the inhumane requirements, more than 2,000 workers of workshop No 1 stopped working and gathered in the factory yard. After that, nearly 4,000 workers of workshop No 2 and 3 joined the strike, asking for changes in labour policies.

Some workers said that the company offered only one-day monthly leave in case of accidents, sickness or death of relative, and three days notice must be given to be counted as a reasonable absence.

“Death or illness is unpredictable,” worker Nguyễn Thị Tâm told e-newspaper Vnexpress. She cited that one worker who attended a relative’s funeral had their salary docked VNĐ300,000 (US$15) for an unseasonable absence.

“We are asking the company to accept our 14 legitimate requests,” she said.

The demands include a basic salary increase, no deduction of wages in case of sickness, accidents or other unexpected events and a better maternity policy.

Representatives of Thanh Hoá Province Trade Union and Thạch Thành District People’s Committee have gone to the company to dialogue with workers.

The company’s leaders are negotiating with workers but have yet to reach an agreement.

S&H Vina sacked the manager who offended the workers, according to Phạm Trọng Dũng, deputy secretary of Thạch Thành District’s Party Committee.

“We require them to ensure the legal rights of their employees so that workers will stay with the company,” he said. – VNS