Hải Phòng suspends operations of a company canteen after suspected mass food poisoning case

June 28, 2024 - 12:57
The Việt Nam Food Administration (VFA) has asked Hải Phòng City to act after more than 120 people went to hospital with suspected food poisoning.
Medical workers give first aids to the workers. — VNA/VNS Photo

HẢI PHÒNG — The northern city of Hải Phòng has suspended the working of a company canteen after more than 120 staff who had eaten there were taken to hospital with suspected food poisoning on Thursday.

The Việt Nam Food Administration (VFA) has asked the city to take urgent measures following the patients being rushed to hospital after eating at the collective kitchen at the Sông Cấm Shipbuilding JSC.

The VFA, under the Ministry of Health, requested the Hải Phòng's health department to direct hospitals to create the best conditions for actively treating the patients and if necessary ask for support from higher level hospitals.

The city has launched an investigation into the kitchen at the ship building company and investigate the case based on regulations. They must check the food origin, take food samples for testing to find the cause.

Violations of food safety regulations, if any, must be strictly handled and publicised to promptly warn the community.

The VFA also required the DoH to increase instruction to collective kitchens, food service establishments and the people to ensure food safety and hygiene, and strictly implement management.

Around 12.20 on Thursday, more than 120 workers from the company in An Dương District showed symptoms of rashes and itching on their faces. Some people vomited and others felt nauseous after having lunch at the company.

Immediately, these workers were transferred to different hospitals in Hải Phòng City, such as the Việt Tiệp Friendship Hospital, the International General Hospital and the An Dương District Medical Centre.

In addition, 51 workers with mild symptoms of nausea, red faces, and mild headache were monitored at the company.

According to a report from the company, nearly 800 employees had lunch at the company on Thursday, catered by the Thành Hưng Service Co Ltd in Dân Hạnh Village, Đặng Cương Commune, An Dương District.

The meals were divided into two menus. Of which, 400 meals include braised sea fish, ground pork, zucchini, vegetable soup, rice and watermelon. The remaining meals included braised chicken, peanuts, zucchini, vegetable soup, rice and watermelon.

The company's initial investigation showed that most workers with signs of food poisoning had had braised sea fish. — VNS