Đồng Nai Province promotes sales of OCOP products

June 28, 2024 - 10:00
Đồng Nai Province is taking measures to seek stable sales for products recognised under the country’s “One Commune – One Product” programme.
A booth showcasing OCOP products in Đồng Nai Province’s Xuân Lộc District. — Photo xuanloc.dongnai.gov.vn

ĐỒNG NAI — Đồng Nai Province is taking measures to seek stable sales for products recognised under the country’s “One Commune – One Product” programme.

The southeastern province has 220 OCOP products rated three stars and above, and many of them have developed a brand name and have linkages in production and selling.

However, a number of these products, especially those produced by small-scale companies, co-operatives and households, face sales difficulties because of small-scale production and unstable outlets.

Nguyễn Văn Tới in Tân Phú District’s Phú Điền Commune breeds ducks for producing eggs, and his eggs have been recognised as a three-star product under the programme.

To get the recognition, he has made great efforts to change his production processes to meet required regulations, but his eggs still have not had a stable outlet and are sold like other normal eggs, he said.

“Because of high production cost and unstable sales, my family has to reduce the number of ducks in our flock to 5,000 heads now, down by half. However, I still try to produce clean eggs and preserve their quality in order to find an outlet,” he said.

Nguyễn Văn Thắng, deputy director of the provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, said households who produce OCOP products are facing difficulties because few of them have a large-scale production that meets market requirements.

To develop the programme’s products sustainably, the department has set up plans and instructed its agencies to co-operate with localities to review these products and their producers to evaluate quality, potential and sustainability.

It is developing concentrated farming areas to promote the establishment of start-ups to develop OCOP products and encourage producers to produce them, he said.

The province is implementing advocacy activities to raise public awareness about the quality of OCOP products, and is encouraging people to give priority to consuming them.

It is surveying markets and develops market linkages among the country’s regions to sell them.

The province has participated in trade fairs and exhibitions held in the Cửu Long (Mekong) Delta, Tây Nguyên (Central Highlands) and northern regions to introduce its OCOP products.

Its Department of Agriculture and Rural Development and Department of Industry and Trade have co-operated with their counterparts in these regions to create transaction floors to introduce and sell OCOP products.

The province has also had support policies to assist OCOP producers to promote their sales.

It aims to assist more than half of OCOP producers to establish websites to introduce and sell products, and supports them to participate in selling products on the province’s e-commerce platform this year.

The Department of Industry and Trade, in co-operation with relevant departments and agencies, organised an OCOP product booth for 62 companies to introduce their products at many seminars and programmes last year.

The province has promoted the sale of OCOP products on e-commerce platforms and aims to develop them in both quantity and quality.

It has encouraged companies, co-operatives and production establishments to exploit rural specialty products and develop them into OCOP products.

It also aims to develop OCOP products in combination with building new-style rural areas and developing tourism services.

In Tân Phú District, authorities are assisting producers to introduce their OCOP products at tourism destinations.

Nguyễn Hữu Ký, chairman of the Tân Phú People’s Committee, said many OCOP products in the district such as agarwood essential oil, Kabin glutinous rice wine, Trà Lài green skin and pink flesh grapefruit and Phú An cashew nuts, have become popular with consumers.

The district will strengthen trade promotion activities to develop markets for OCOP products, he said.

It will introduce them in tourism tours and diversify the province’s tourism products, he said. VNS