THACO AGRI promotes investing in facilities, caring for lives of workers

June 27, 2024 - 10:15
Promoting investment in facilities and optimising social welfare policies for employees is one of the top priorities of THACO AGRI in 2024.
The housing area at DP1.1 Farm in Koun Mom Complex owned by THACO AGRI provides spacious and comfortable accommodation for workers. — Photo Courtesy of THACO

HCM CITY — Promoting investment in facilities and optimising social welfare policies for employees is one of the top priorities of THACO AGRI in 2024.

When starting to work or continuing to work for a long time at a company, employees always want to receive value that is compatible with their own efforts and dedication to the company.

On the understanding that, THACO AGRI has been building a working environment that brings value and good benefits to its employees.

Investing in facilities, improving quality of life

In 2019, Trường Hải Auto Corporation (THACO) established Trường Hải Agriculture Joint Stock Company (THACO AGRI) to implement an investment strategy to develop large-scale agricultural production on an area of 84,000 hectares in Việt Nam, Laos, and Cambodia.

To date, THACO AGRI has invested and basically completed a large-scale agricultural production model on an integrated/circular organic basis, including growing bananas, pineapples, fruit trees (durian, mango, grapefruit) and forest trees; raising cows, pigs, fish and other livestock; food production and processing; and production of agricultural material, machines and equipment.

Complexes are planned and invested in synchronously with technical infrastructure and projects on land to serve production and business activities, ensuring biosafety and welfare for workers.

The company’s workers often have to stay on farms with all living amenities located in the complex area.

Therefore, in recent times, THACO AGRI has focused on investing and building free housing areas, guest houses, cafeterias, multi-purpose houses and convenience stores in the complex areas to help workers improve their quality of life, bringing peace of mind for them to work and "stick" with the company.

Up to now, it has built and upgraded 1,105 housing units for workers, including 288 units at Koun Mom Complex, 112 units at Snuol Complex, 256 units at Ia Puch Complex, and 449 units at HAGL AGRICO Laos Complex.

Nguyễn Đình Long, a medical worker at the company’s Ia Puch cow farm, said: "Seeing the company invest in many projects serving the daily lives of workers, we are very happy and excited."

Clean water filtration systems with a capacity ranging from 5 to 15cu.m per hour and RO drinking water of 200 - 500 litres per hour have been put into operation at Snuol, Koun Mom (Cambodia) and HAGL AGRICO (Laos) complex areas to ensure quality of life and health for employees.

The systems are installed in executive offices, factories, farms, and housing units, serving nearly 15,000 workers. In the coming time, the company will continue to deploy the clean water project to all factories and farms.

Snuol Complex’s Training Department has completed the procedures and conditions to merge its training programme for primary classes into the Cambodian national education system. — Photo Courtesy of THACO

Optimising employee benefits

THACO AGRI fully implements welfare policies and provides the most practical support for employees such as signing labour contracts; paying health insurance and social insurance; establishing free medical examination and medicine; and offering buses to take employees back to their hometowns for Tết.

Nguyễn Hiếu Nghĩa, a fish farming technician at Snuol Complex Area, said since working at THACO AGRI, he has been provided free transportation back to his hometown for Tết. “This helps me save travel costs, ensures safety and I spend much more time with my family."

The company offers free primary classes for Cambodian children working at the complexes. It also builds children's playgrounds; presents clothes, books and school supplies, and organises entertainment activities during International Children's Day, and the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Phạm Hữu Khá, director of the company’s 9 Bưởi farm, said he is one of the employees who has been with the HAGL AGRICO Laos Complex since the first days of establishment.

“Thanks to the close attention of the company’s board of directors and practical welfare policies, we have stable jobs and our quality of life has improved,” he said.

Nearly 10 members in his family are also working at the complex.

In 2024, THACO AGRI plans to recruit more than 12,600 employees to meet its production and business needs.

In addition to investing in facilities, it also focuses on improving policies and welfare regimes for employees, and building a cultural and convenient working environment to attract and retain human resources towards sustainable development.